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10th Grade English Language Arts Curriculum

10th Grade English Language Arts Curriculum

An expected 10th grade English Language Arts curriculum should consist of complex reading comprehension techniques, analysis of different literary works, writing strategies, and more. Such a curriculum is important for ESL learners or ELLs so that they are optimally groomed to study in native English-speaking countries. 

By reading through this article, parents of ELLs will become aware of reading, writing, and grammar objectives for their 10th graders. The article will also help the parents identify why Let’s Read English’s 10th grade  English Language Arts curriculum is best suited for their ELL high schooler. Let’s review the following information to move ahead.

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What is Required of 10th Grader as part of English Language Arts?

Our extensive 10th grade English Language Arts curriculum consists of literary works spanning across different genres. The literary pieces have been organized into well-formed chapters making them easier to study. After traversing through the course, students will be able to fine-tune their reading, writing, and verbal communication skills.

As part of the 10th grade English language arts, students are expected to:

  • Figure out the meaning and purpose of a text in question.
  • Explain how an author supports his/her argument using historical proofs and incidents.
  • Organize the deciphered literary work in proper paragraphs and cite the right source.
  • Find out the reasoning behind the author’s particular writing style and embrace it.
  • Identify rhetorics and fallacies.
  • Use documentary evidence to support the analysis.
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Find out more about Let’s Read English’s 10th grade English language arts curriculum through our scope and sequence for English Language Arts for  10th grade and lesson plans for English Language Arts for 10th grade pages.

10th Grade Reading Goals/Objectives

Reading is an important aspect of the English language arts curriculum especially for ESL learners. As part of the 10th grade, students should be able to achieve specific reading goals to move ahead with high school learning. The following reading goals/objectives are required as part of the extensive 10th grade English Language Arts curriculum: 

  • Interpret written text and find out the meaning of words and complex phrases.
  • Use different comprehension techniques to extract overall meaning from the text.
  • Analyze, compare, and contrast an author’s works in two genres.
  • Extracting theme from propaganda.
  • Analyze the choice of words to bring out the essence of the text.

Find out more information on reading goals/objectives through our online school reading curriculum.

10th Grade Writing Goals/Objectives

While reading was an important part of learning English, writing falls in the same category. At Let’s Read English, we enhance your ELL’s writing skills through intensive assignments and multiple assessments. The aim is to mold the writing skills in such a way that any text written comes out to be clear and cohesive. Some writing objectives for 10th graders are:

  • Extracting ideas from a text and rewriting it in a way to keep the core meaning intact.
  • Using clear words and phrases to enhance the text and convey the meaning precisely.
  • Using narration skills and techniques to develop characters in a story or essays.
  • Organizing paragraphs in a way to include proper citations.
  • Using documentary evidence to write argumentative essays.
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10th Grade Grammar Goals/Objectives

The grammar goals can be clubbed with writing skills to form an important package for ESL learners. It is important to note that 10th grade grammar is more advanced than that of previous grades and needs more focus and practice. The following are the grammar goals and objectives for a 10th grader as part of the English language arts curriculum:

  • Having a clear idea of active and passive voice.
  • Extracting and correcting common errors in sentences.
  • Enabling correct use of punctuations to convey the correct meaning and making the right impact.
  • Understanding the use of different punctuations like colon, semicolon, comma, parenthesis, and more in a sentence.
  • Using grammatical clauses to convey the meaning and adding variety to the writing.

Get more information on grammar goals and objectives on our online school grammar page.

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Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 10th Grade English Language Arts Online School Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s English language arts curriculum is holistic in a way that it helps the ESL learners achieve their objectives and goals by providing them with all the necessary tools to enhance their reading, writing, and grammatical skills. With the flexibility that the program provides, parents can use the ELA course as a full-time curriculum, as an afterschool supplement, or as a summer learning program.

Our program is fully online which makes it easier for the students to learn. Let’s Read English deals with state-of-the-art technology and makes learning unique and fun.

Here are some reasons why 10th grade ESL learners and their parents prefer Let’s Read English’s English language arts curriculum over other programs as their choice for full-time curriculum or as a supplement:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • The program is unique and crafted for ESL learners.
  • The program is adaptive to any online school style.
  • Our program presents works of literary icons in chronological order.
  • The students can retake lessons, tests, and quizzes at their convenience thus learning at their own pace.
  • We offer customizable reports and automated grading to help create outstanding online school portfolios.
  • Parents can make use of our planner, grading, and recordkeeping tools for their children’s programs. For any parental support, we also provide online parent forum.
  • Our standards-based curriculum builds important language arts skills that are used across subjects.
  • Video closed-captioning and other tools help differently abled students acquire the knowledge they need.
  • Due to the holistic nature of our curriculum, our students will be able to master the comprehension and also develop critical and analytical thinking which will help them in understanding drama, poetry, prose, and other literary genres.
  • Our ELA program can be used to improve the English learning skills acquired in previous classes.
  • We expose students to numerous but dissimilar tasks to help them hone their English skills.
  • To make the program more interesting, we make lessons interactive by using multimedia resources.
  • Since lessons are taken online, your child can learn 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Recordings are also available to aid students. This feature is ideal for afterschool learning or summer use.
  • The course provides tools that help take notes and highlight text that is deemed important. This supports the reading environment.
  • Our course, even as a supplement, provides comprehensive classic and contemporary literary texts. Apart, our ESL learners are also given options to read and study informational and argumentative texts.
  • The course topics can be selected according to your child’s needs.
  • Our materials meet and surpass state and national standards, and this makes it great for test prep and online learning.
  •  Parents can stop and quit the program anytime since there’s no contract involved.
  • Our video lessons engage students and also help struggling readers achieve mastery.