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10th Grade Math Curriculum

In school, geometry is the primary subject of study for 10th graders as part of the math curriculum. The same is the case with Let’s Read English though the program is flexible. With Let’s Read English, parents can decide on what subjects (algebra, geometry, etc.) to choose as part of the 10th grade math curriculum. Using our program, parents can define their child’s curriculum and monitor their progress easily.

Our math course is written in easy to decipher English language that makes it easier for the ESL learners (or ELLs) to study and implement the mathematical concepts. Our math curriculum is aimed at preparing high school students for higher studies in native English-speaking countries. The program is specifically designed for students who want to pursue math or science in higher grades.

This article focuses on explaining what math concepts should a 10th grader know, what are the objectives of 10th grade math, and why you should choose Let’s Read English’s 10th grade math curriculum as an alternative to the regular school curriculum. Let’s review all these pointers in the sections below.

A teacher teaching math multiplication on a blackboard specifically to ESL learners

What Math is Required for 10th Grader?

The 10th grade math curriculum builds over the concepts taught in the previous grades. As part of the 10th grade math curriculum, it is expected that the students would have already studied and completed the Algebra I curriculum. The ESL students are expected to learn core geometry in 10th grade, however, they can also opt for Algebra II instead and keep geometry for later grades.

The choice of course is purely dependent on your ELL’s preference. With adequate skills, the 10th graders will be able to solve complex problems and gain clarity of difficult concepts. This will make their senior school journey smooth and easy.

The 10th grade math curriculum focuses on the following pointers:

  • Creating an apothem and calculating its length in a polygon.
  • Using dilated polygon and calculating the coordinates of its vertices.
  • Using permutations and combinations to compute the compound probability. 
  • Understanding medians of a triangle and prove that they meet at a point.
  • Understanding and deciphering the two tangent theorem. Solving problems involving the intersecting tangents.
  • Deciphering unidentified terms of points, plane, line, and more.
A high school teacher teaching ESL students mathematical concepts on a green chalkboard as part of the math curriculum

To find out more about Let’s Read English’s 10th grade math curriculum, check out scope and sequence for 10th grade and the math lesson plans for 10th grade pages.

10th Grade Math Objectives

Following are some of the math objectives that a 10th grader ESL learner should achieve by the end of the year:

  • Prove theorems related to similar triangles.
  • Understanding the family of quadrilaterals, their classification, and relationships between them.
  • Understanding and decomposing 2 D composite figures.
  • Union and intersection of sets and their interpretation using Venn diagrams.
  • Identifying the concept of transversals and proving angular relationships between parallel lines and the transversal.
  • Understanding the postulates and mathematical concepts around points, planes, lines, and more.

Why Choose Let's Read English's 10th Grade Math Online School Curriculum?

Apart from meeting the objectives above, Let’s Read English’s 10th grade math curriculum also helps students in building  the skills that prepare them for more advanced concepts in higher grades. The concepts are drafted in easy to decipher English language. This is required for ESL learners if they are expecting senior school admission in a native English-speaking country.

The system also provides parents with grading, planning, and tracking tools. This makes subject learning easier and more fun for both new and experienced online schoolers.

Our math course enhances students’ skills and takes them to next level with interactive, engaging, and fun-filled activities and lessons. Also, the course provides an ample amount of math activities to help the students reach their goals.

Below are some reasons why parents choose Let’s Read English’s 10th grade math curriculum for their ESL high schoolers:

Math teacher explaining mathematical calculations to students
As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • The course consists of live teaching sessions which make the environment similar to traditional school. This makes the learning more interactive, fruitful, and engaging.
  • Multimedia resources and infographics are used for better engagement and understanding.
  • The course has an inbuilt auto-grading system that helps in grading your child’s work quickly and also tracks his/her progress. The system also stores the reports for online school portfolio usage.
  • Customized reports and automated grading make creating portfolios simple and fast.
  • Our online parent forum helps parents with their doubts and queries.
  • All our course material is based on state and national standards.
  • Parents can customize the exercise(s) score as per the ability of their child. If the child is not able to score the threshold limit, he/she can retake the lesson as per his/her convenience.
  • There are hundreds of math exercises present to enhance a child’s understanding and skills.
  • There are multiple teaching methods (related to multimedia, written, and spoken) integrated with the course that help students with different learning styles.
  • The course provides quick access to a Geometry handbook that contains theorems, concepts, and postulates. A graphing calculator is also provided as part of the course.
  • The flexibility to choose different topics, concepts, and skills makes the course a good afterschool option.
  • A note-taking guide is available with the course to aid students in learning and test preparation.
  • An introductory lesson is available at the start of every topic so that the students have an overview before beginning a specific lesson. As a supplement, this feature is helpful.
  • Our math curriculum can also be used as an online summer learning program.
  • The program provides targeted tools students need to enhance their mathematical and conceptual skills.
  • Using specific live sessions, teachers help in engaging students with real-world math problems that make the learning more realistic and relatable for students.
  • The program is available online and 24/7. The parents and the students can access the program at their convenience from anywhere.
  • As there is no contract involved, parents and students can stop or cancel the subscription at any time.