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10th Grade Online Curriculum

Parents love online learning programs because it gives their child ease and flexibility to learn in the comfort of their homes. Another advantage is that the parents can keep a check on their child through the online learning program which is not possible in a traditional schooling setup.

Engagement, interactivity, and flexibility are the reasons why most parents prefer an online learning program and these are the hallmarks of Let’s Read English. With Let’s Read English, which focuses on teaching ESL learners, parents can easily customize the program to suit their schedule and child’s needs. The 10th grade curriculum of Let’s Read English is a perfect blend of English language learning and other core subjects. Our program acts as a stepping stone for ESL who wish to pursue higher studies in native English-speaking countries.

This article provides you with all the necessary information on the 10th grade online curriculum, the various subjects that form a part of our program, what all a 10th grader should learn, and why Let’s Read English is the primary choice of parents for their 10th graders. Let’s check out all the pointers in the sections below.

A high school student writing curriculum on a whiteboard in a class of ESL students

What Do 10th Graders Learn?

Learning core subjects like language arts, math, social studies, and science is a priority for 10th graders, but they also need to focus on electives and other topics to keep them motivated and interested.

Here are some of the concepts and topics that should form a part of the 10th grade curriculum and that the 10th grade ESL learners should learn:

    • Identify the causes of Roman Empire’s fall.
    • Building compound sentences.
    • Identify and describe the features of 3-dimensional figures.
    • Identifying the influence and sustainability of renewable energy sources.
    • Studying the arrangement of electrons in an atom and demystifying electron configuration.
    • Analysis of the structural formulas of organic compounds.
    • Writing essays to compare different literary works.
    • Understanding coordinate geometry.
A high school teacher sitting with ESL students discussing the curriculum

The Let’s Read English’s scope and sequence for 10th grade and lesson plans for 10th grade pages will give you all the necessary information about the 10th grade curriculum and everything that your child needs to know.

Overview of the Curriculum of 10th Grade

A 10th grader needs to handle core subjects like language arts, science, social studies, and math. But the 10th grade curriculum should not be restricted to these core subjects. As part of the online school programs and as per the state laws, students are required to add additional courses to their curriculum. These can be music, health, physical education, foreign language, and more. The choice is dependent on your child’s interest.

A good 10th grade curriculum should help a student meet the following objectives:

  • Calculate the volumes of different figures.
  • Collect and organize data in a particular order as per the experient requirements. 
  • Construct equilateral and isosceles triangles.
  • Understanding the conditions of living in the industrial societies of 1800s.
  • The cultural and social evolution in the earlier part of 1900s.
  • Proper analysis of word parts in the appropriate context.
  • Interpret language and decipher the meanings of words and phrases.
  • Interpretation of figurative expressions.
  • Solving stoichiometry problems with balanced equations.

It is important to check the online school requirements in your state to be sure that your preferred curriculum is in line with the state’s requirements.  

Math Curriculum for 10th Grade

As per the 10th grade math curriculum, geometry is the focus of study. Students can opt for other alternatives as well based on their interest and most importantly their academic performance. At Let’s Read English, we encourage our 10th grade ESL learners to take as many math courses as possible because math forms the basis of many other subjects esp. science. 

We offer the following math courses to our 10th graders:

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Find out more information on our math curriculum for 10th grade page.

Language Arts Curriculum for 10th Grade

The language arts curriculum is important for ESL learners as it lays the foundation for English learning. It can be used by students who want to pursue further studies in native English-speaking countries. Our language arts curriculum is aligned with the regular school curriculum, is diverse, and consists of interesting literary works across different genres. Apart, the curriculum also includes poetry and short stories that add to the existing English knowledge. The curriculum aims at providing a strong base for reading and writing skills. 

Our language arts curriculum includes all the said topics and additionally focuses on:

  • Writing informative essays and embracing the idea of development in the essay.
  • Ability to explain how authors support their arguments with historical events
  • How to determine the main message and purpose of a text.
  • How to spot stereotypes and fallacies?
  • Understanding rhetorics in speech.
  • Organization of paragraphs to display great research works.
  • Use documentary evidence to support analysis.

Get to know more through our language arts curriculum for 10th grade page.

Social Studies Curriculum for 10th Grade

Social studies is an interesting subject to learn as it covers history, geography, civics, and more. We at Let’s Read English suggest learning World History in the 10th grade, but parents and their 10th grade ESL learners can choose from the following curriculum:

Teenage ESL students walking down the hall and talking about the online curriculum

Find out more about Let’s Read English’s social studies curriculum for 10th grade page

Science Curriculum for 10th Grade

As part of the science curriculum for 10th grade, the preferred subject of study is chemistry. Here, your 10th grade ESL learner will learn about different properties and states of matter, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, and more. These topics are part of the objectives of the science curriculum. However, it is not compulsory to choose chemistry as part of the 10th grade curriculum. At Let’s Read English, based on your child’s interests, he/she can choose from the following science subjects:

Find out more information on our science curriculum for 10th grade page.

Electives Options for 10th Grade

Electives, apart from core subjects, give students additional skills and knowledge. Electives play important role in the future of students as they help them in bringing out their passion.

The high school curriculum generally allows students to opt for various electives. The same pattern is followed by online learning programs including Let’s Read English. 

Let’s Read English offers 14 high school electives from which the ESL learners can choose. These electives are:

Students sitting In front of the biology teacher with some raising hands to answer the question

Find out more information through our list of high school electives page.

How to Online School a 10th Grader

Once the parents have finalized the 10th grade curriculum for their ESL learner, it is time to start with online schooling. At the onset, online schooling may feel confusing and difficult to deal with. We understand that you would be having multiple questions on online schooling and how it works. That is why we have collated information on:

  • How to get started with online schooling?
  • How to plan a schedule that is convenient for you and your child?
  • How to lay out lesson plans?
  • Helpful materials to study

Find out more details about how to online school 10th grade here.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 10th Grade Online School Curriculum?

While there are specific recommendations of subjects for 10th grade, parents and students can opt for various subjects based on their interests, skills, and overall high school plan.

With Let’s Read English, parents can achieve their online schooling objectives and also fulfill their 10th grader’s high school learning goals. Parents with their 10th graders can opt for suitable courses and can learn at their own pace. Our program focuses on learning various subjects with the focus on English intact. This is important for ESL learners who wish to pursue further studies in native English-speaking countries.

Here are some reasons why parents opt for Let’s Read English as an online schooling program for their 10th grade ESL learners:

online school portfolio

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • Our students have the liberty to choose their preferred courses.
  • We have materials to cover a full year’s course.
  • Special activities are available as part of the course targeting particular skills and strategies.
  • Our lessons are interactive enough to keep students engaged.
  • Parents can make use of our planners, automatic grading system, and recordkeeping tool.
  • With an automated reporting system, parents can get instant reports for their child which can be used to track their child’s progress. It also helps in keeping reports for online school portfolio usage.
  • Parents are allowed to add foreign languages and subjects to their child’s program.
  • Since there’s no contractual obligation involved, parents can quit anytime.
  • Our course is available online 24/7 which allows our students to move at their own pace.
  • The closed-captioning and language preference tools are an added benefit for differently-abled students.
  • Students are provided with step-by-step guides which can be used for quick reference.

  • We have lesson recordings and conceptual data in place which can be referred to multiple times to master a specific concept.
  • The curriculum helps to prevent summer slide as an online summer learning program.
  • Our coursework matches what is taught in traditional classrooms, so it is a great after school learning program.
  • We give students ample opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge.
  • The curriculum meets graduation requirements and national standards.
  • There are tests, quizzes, and lessons that can be taken multiple times until the concepts are clear.
  • Our wide variety of material types cover students with different patterns and learning styles.

FAQ’s About Online Schooling 10th Grade

What is the typical age of 10th graders?
Typically, 10th graders are between 15 years old and 16 years old, but it depends on admission history and grade performance.

How can I get my child ready for 10th grade?

10th grade is crucial for students from a future perspective. It is in this grade that students start thinking about their senior school and college plans. You should prepare your child for 10th grade so that he/she can make the most of the learning opportunity. Here are some pointers on how you can prepare your child for 10th grade:

  • Inculcating time management skills by making your child set up priorities between study, extra-curricular activities, and spending time with friends.
  • The students should be trained to be calm and composed in exams. They should be told to prepare for challenges that will come as part of their studies in high school as well as in senior school and college.
  • Parents can help students prepare for PSAT, SAT, or ACT so that they are capable enough to crack college admissions in the future.
  • By 10th grade, your child should be self-sufficient. He/she should be able to do laundry, prepare meals, and do daily chores. This will be very much required if your child gets into hostel life.

What is 10th grader required to know by the end of the session?
At the end of the course, your child should have mastered the following skills:

  • How to calculate the volumes of different composite figures.
  • Classification of 2-D and 3-D figures.
  • Collection and organization of data with accuracy and precision.
  • Analysis of word parts to infer meanings in the right context.

What is the importance of 10th grade?
Every grade is important for your child, but 10th grade is special because it is from this grade onwards that he/she embraces the idea of the importance of the future. From this grade, the students start preparing for senior school and college and also identify their career options. The 10th grade is the beginning of adulthood and students should identify their studying curriculum and other activities which can help them in shaping their future.