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10th Grade Online Lesson Plans

Parents often find it difficult to create lesson plans for their children. They are in constant search of programs and courses that can make their work easier. Our program, Let’s Read English, not only helps the ESL student with holistic learning but goes a step further to help the parents develop easy-to-follow lesson plans for subjects like social studies, science, language arts, math, and electives.

With the help of our expert educators, we at Let’s Read English have carved out lesson plans for various subjects for our ESL learners. These can be easily referenced and adopted by the parents.

Check out the following sections for more information on our 10th grade lesson plans.

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How to Create Suitable Lesson Plans for 10th Grade

We understand the systematic approach of teaching and thus lay down importance on having lesson plans in place. In order to make things easier for you, we have come up with some useful tips that would help you derive suitable lesson plans for your ESL learner. Although the focus here is on 10th grade, the recommendations are applicable for all the grades.

  • Every lesson should start with information on the relevance of the lesson.
  • You should also define the objectives of every lesson.
  • Come up with an outline for the lessons.
  • Support every lesson with an assignment with which you’ll gauge your child’s understanding.
  • Every lesson should end with a summary.
  • Put a timeframe for every lesson.
  • Give your child enough time to ask questions after each lesson and try to answer every question.
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Math Lesson Plans for 10th Grade

As part of our 10th grade Math’s curriculum, we provide more than 200 tasks that serve your ESL learner holistically. With intensive and interactive tasks on topics like geometry, arithmetic, algebra, and more, you don’t need to worry about the end-to-end mathematical learning of your child. We also focus and put our students through simulations, animations, diagrams, charts, and engaging graphics to enhance their learning skills. All these elements make the lessons engaging and interesting for our ESL learners.

Here are some of the elements of Let’s Read English’s lesson plans for math for 10th Grade:

  • Probability and its applications
  • Source of Euclidean Geometry
  • Geometric modeling in 2D and 3D
  • Transformation in Geometry
  • Trigonometry concepts and right angle relationships

Language Arts Lesson Plans for 10th Grade

Let’s Read English offers a wide variety of literary works to align with the English Literature curriculum across different boards. Additionally, we provide an online grammar handbook that ESL learners can refer to anytime to enhance their vocabulary and grammar. Both, English literature and English language curriculum play a vital role in helping ESL learners gain command over English.

Here is the breakdown of our lesson plans for 10th grade language arts:

  • To teach the importance of the choice of words on meaning and tonality.
  • Proper use of colons, dashes, parentheses, and commas in writing.
  • Identifying the argument’s effectiveness on the basis of evidence.
  • Literature and its functions.
  • How to compose sentences in different ways for good readability.
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Science Lesson Plans for 10th Grade

As part of the Science curriculum, students should be able to interpret all forms of data accurately. Additionally, they should understand the scientific concepts and apply them to proper use. With Let’s Read English, you get a holistic science curriculum that caters to your child’s conceptual needs. 

Let’s Read English consists of the following 10th grade science lesson plans:

  • The basics of Stoichiometry
  • Elements of the Periodic Table and atomic structures
  • Physical and chemical reactions
  • Nuclear Fission/Fusion
  • The significance and structure of hydrocarbons
  • Basis of thermochemical equations

Social Studies Lesson Plans for 10th Grade

Let’s Read English focuses on world history as part of the Social Studies curriculum.  The 10th grade curriculum includes the development of different countries like Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. As part of the course, the ESL students will also learn about the important landmarks and watersheds in the history of North America. The course consists of over 12 chapters and almost 400 activities.

Some of the lessons included are:

  • The significance of ancient Greece and ancient Rome
  • The key pointers of dictatorship and fascism
  • The development of North and South America
  • Culture and civilization in the eastern part of the world
  • How science and technology changed the history
  • The years of renaissance
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What is Included in Let’s Read English’s 10th Grade Lesson Plans?

Let’s Read English enhances the learning of every lesson with interactive instructional videos, supporting activities, and end-of-lesson assessments. The lesson plans are drafted in a language that is easy for ESL learners to comprehend.

Here are some pointers around what Let’s Read English has to offer:

  • All the courses have curriculum details.
  • Courses contain an interactive set of activities.
  • Students get access to additional lessons in each subject/course.
  • On-screen highly experienced teachers are available for teaching and clarification of doubts.
  • Goals and objectives are defined for every lesson and course.
  • The course contains several chapters, activities, and quizzes for each subject.
  • There are several pre-lesson activities to engage students.