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10th Grade Science Curriculum

The 10th grade science curriculum focuses on more advanced scientific concepts than those taught in the previous grades. It provides students with real-world scenarios that the students can relate to. The scientific knowledge embedded in the 10th grade is future-proof. The 10th grade curriculum also asks for independent learning and lab experiments.

With Let’s Read English, our focus is on ESL learners who wish to pursue higher studies in native English-speaking countries. The program is constructed in an easy-to-understand English language that could be understood by ESL learners. We recommend chemistry for the subject of study in the 10th grade, but parents and ESL learners can choose between chemistry, physics, and biology.

In this article, the focus will be on 10th grade science curriculum, what all should a 10th grader study, science objectives for 10th grade, and why should you choose Let’s Read English for your 10th grade ESL science learner. Hop onto the following sections for more information.

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What a 10th Grader Should Learn in Science?

As part of 10th grade science curriculum, students learn about matter and its properties, changes in matter, organic and nuclear chemistry, and much more. By mastering these topics, a 10th grader can achieve the set objectives by the end of the year.

Here are some of the topics that a 10th grader should learn as part of the 10th grade science curriculum:

  • How to balance oxidation-reduction equations
  • Identification of elements and compounds
  • Explanation of the properties of gases using the kinetic-molecular theory
  • Acids, bases, and their properties
  • Introduction to the atomic theory
  • Various types of chemical bonds
  • Introduction to radioactivity
Male high school teacher taking science class as per the science curriculum

Let’s Read English recommends 10th grade chemistry curriculum for 10th graders, but we also allow parents to choose between biology or physics courses.

10th Grade Science Objectives

Let’s Read English’s science curriculum focuses on objectives that are similar to those applied in the regular school. The 10th grade students should be assigned objectives such that at the end of the year they fully understand the concepts of matter, the periodic table, specific chemical reactions, and more.

Here are some of the goals and objectives that a 10th grade science student should aim for completion by the end of the year:

  • Identify the reason for chemical changes.
  • Understand the electron configuration from an atom’s perspective.
  • Clarity on concepts of reaction rate.
  • Understanding the composition of gases with Dalton’s law of partial pressures.
  • Introduction to radioactivity and explain half-life to them.
  • Understand dimensional analysis and its working.
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Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 10th Grade Science Online School Curriculum?

Though the 10th grade science curriculum uses chemistry as a subject of study, Let’s Read English’s science curriculum is diverse and offers students to learn physics, biology, or chemistry. The parents can choose either one subject or a combination of subjects. No matter which subjects you choose for your 10th grade ESL student, you will get an ample amount of studying material, engaging exercises, and interactive multimedia sources as part of our course(s). We have qualified teachers that take online live classes to clarify concepts and doubts of students. As our program’s focus is on ESL learners, the teachers make sure that they teach students in easy-to-understand English language.

Let’s Read English’s 10th grade science curriculum is holistic and can be used as a full-time learning curriculum, as a summer learning program, or as an afterschool learning tool. Our science curriculum is intensive in a way that the parents can help their 10th graders apply the scientific concepts in real life. The program also provides parental tools that help parents to keep control and track their child’s progress.

Here are some of the benefits of using Let’s Read English’s science curriculum as a full-time curriculum or as a supplement:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Each lesson has an introduction section that provides an overview to the students before they begin with actual learning.
  • It gives parents the liberty to customize their child’s high school science program.
  • The reports are automated and customizable, and this helps with updating online school portfolios.
  • Lessons are taught by certified and experienced teachers.
  • A scoring guide for scoring lab reports is included with the curriculum.
  • We use real-world applications to make the courses engaging, interesting, and immersive.
  • We have included animations, diagrams, graphs, and charts to keep lessons engaging and interesting.
  • Our program includes virtual labs which allow students to apply the concepts they have learned.
  • We have an option of a parent forum which the parents can use for clarification of their doubts. 
  • Every lesson includes a question to give a broader perspective to the students. This is required while studying science.
  • Interactive activities and virtual labs help to reinforce learning.
  • The lessons are designed to be entertaining to enhance skill-building.
  • We provide several video learning materials that build up the focus of your child which is required for science students.
  • Our system makes it easy for parents to track the progress of their child.
  • Parents have the option to start, stop, or cancel the program at any time. There is no binding contract.
  • As a supplement, students can go through specific lessons multiple times until the concepts are clear.
  • Lessons are available online and accessible 24/7 so that the students can learn at their own pace.
  • The 10th grade science curriculum can be used as a summer learning course or as an afterschool learning program.
  • Let’s Read English’s flexible system allows parents to opt between chemistry, physics, and biology.