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10th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

As part of our efforts to teach social studies to 10th grade ESL learners, we focus on the same curriculum as is required for the 10th grade and as drafted by state/country boards. At Let’s Read English we keep things simple so that our ESL students can grasp the concepts in easy-to-use English language. Our curriculum is built on national and international standards which will help ESL learners to pursue studies in native English-speaking countries.

The 10th grade social studies curriculum usually comprises topics like global economics, industrialism, warfare technologies, medieval Europe, ancient history, and various civilizations. The topics will help 10th graders understand how some historical events shaped the future and what were some of the key moments and turning points in history. 

In this article, we will focus on what should be taught in 10th grade social studies, what are 10th grade social studies objectives, and why parents should choose Let’s Read English’s 10th grade social studies curriculum for their ESL high schoolers.

Let’s check out the following linked sections for more information on the subject in focus.

World map made of cardboard paper for social studies learning

What a 10th Grader Should Learn in Social Studies?

The 10th grade social studies curriculum is dependent on the standards set by different states (if in the U.S.) and the choice preference of your 10th grader. The 10th graders can use the social studies curriculum to understand and identify the rich history of the U.S. and the world.

At Let’s Read Engish, we recommend Survey of World History as the topic of study part of the 10th grade social studies curriculum. But, you and your 10th grade ESL learner can also opt from the following history courses:

Find out more about Let’s Read English’s 10th grade social studies curriculum through our scope and sequence for social studies for 10th grade and the lesson plans for social studies for 10th grade pages.

10th Grade Social Studies Objectives

By the end of the 10th grade, the students should be able to understand and identify early Egyptian culture and civilization, define the relationship between history and arts, relate communism and the cold war, define the function of different world organizations, and more.

The primary goal of the subject is to initiate critical thinking while keeping the facts and history in place. The students should also be able to embrace historical events and their relevance in today’s world. Some of the social studies objectives for 10th grade include:

Happy ESL students of different ethnicities standing and posing on the school campus
  • Deciphering the influence of China on early Korean and Japanese civilizations.
  • Understanding civil rights and liberties in the United States.
  • Identification and understanding of demographic and immigration changes.
  • Impact of American railroads on settlement and business.
  • Ability to write academic papers on different subjects in world history.
  • The analysis of different time periods in chronological order.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 10th Grade Social Studies Online School Curriculum?

10th graders appreciate as many choices available in their coursework.  The students who go through an intensive curriculum and a variety of exercises are most likely to excel in studies and examinations.

Let’s Read English offers plenty of learning options for the 10th grade ESL learners to excel in high school and keep the momentum in senior school and college. The conceptual understanding and practice work provided in the social studies curriculum help the ESL learners gain insights into the historical world, civilizations, and people. 

Here is a tabular view that will help you understand why so many parents prefer Let’s Read English’s 10th grade social studies curriculum:

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As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • To make social studies interesting and easy to understand, our curriculum presents events in chronological orders.
  • We include charts, maps, photographs, multimedia clips, and graphic organizers in lessons, rather than use text alone. This covers different learner types.
  • The lessons go deep into what is being taught whether it is an event, a document, or a personality.
  • Parents can use our reporting feature and filters to create and organize online school portfoliosThere is also an auto-grading system to aid parents in tracking the progress of their child.
  • Parents can set a threshold value for each exercise. If the child is not able to score above the threshold marks, he/she can retake the lesson.
  • Our 10th grade standards-based lessons are taught by highly experienced and certified teachers.
  • Students are exposed to a variety of writing assignments, as well as projects, with built-in writing support.
  • There are embedded projects within the course to enhance learning skills. There are also scoring tools and guides available to kick start the learning process.
  • Teachers make use of graphic organizers to introduce lesson goals in a friendly manner.
  • Let’s Read English’s video lessons include closed-captioning to ensure differently abled students get the support they need.
  • Our curriculum is adaptable to suit your preferred online schooling style.
  • Our 10th grade social studies curriculum is aligned with state and national standards. Thus, students don’t have to worry about the curriculum laid down in our program.
  • Our program provides pre-lesson activities to make the students get ready for the real lessons.
  • With Let’s Read English, parents can customize the lessons as per their child’s needs. With this flexibility, our program can be used as a great afterschool learning program.
  • The program provides advanced tools for learning and revision. This greatly helps students who have opted for our course as a supplement.
  • Since the program is taught online, your child can take the lessons whenever he/she wants.
  • As part of the curriculum, parents can choose from any of the four social studies courses.
  • Students can access our program 24/7 from anywhere. There is no time and location constraint.
  • Our program is adaptable as per your child’s needs and thus can be used as a summer learning program and can also suit different learning styles.
  • The parents can stop and start the program anytime as per the requirements.
  • Even as a supplement, using our program, your child will respond to several writing and project assignments to consolidate his/her skills and knowledge.