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11th Grade English Language Arts curriculum

We, at Let’s Read English, believe that every grade is important and brings with it tons of learning opportunities. Our 11th grade English Language Arts curriculum is based on universal standards and can be easily embraced by the ESL learners. The curriculum builds on the skills acquired in the previous grades while keeping the focus on the subject intact. The English Language Arts curriculum will enhance your child’s speaking and writing ability and take it a step further.

Our curriculum not only helps your child master all the necessary language arts skills but also prepares him/her for higher education and lays down the path to a successful career. As part of the English Language Arts curriculum, we focus on oral language, analysis and evaluation, and reading comprehension and take it to the next level.

The English Language Arts curriculum exposes ESL students to drama, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and other literary works. It contains work from the icons in English Literature like Mark Twain, Dave Eggers, Amy Tan, and more.

Let’s check out the following sections for more insights into Let’s Read English’s Language Arts curriculum offering.

Book titled Learn English used by ESL learners to study English language

What is Required of 11th Grader as part of English Language Arts?

Considering the English Language Arts curriculum, 11th grade students should be able to handle the following concepts and activities:

  • Analysis of different types of texts and their purposes.
  • How to handle rhetorical terms, direct and indirect word meanings.
  • Ability to make logical and reasonable inference from texts.
  • Ability to read and understand different genres of study materials.
  • Ability to spot and correct spelling and grammatical errors in texts.
  • Mastery of writing, editing, and revision skills.
  • Ability to produce good narratives, argumentative essays, research papers, and other literary works.
ESL learners conversing and reading a book

Find out more about Let’s Read English’s 11th Grade English Language Arts curriculum from scope and sequence for 11th grade language arts and the language arts lesson plans for 11th grade.

11th Grade Reading Goals/Objectives

The core purpose of the English Language Arts curriculum is to enhance the reading and writing skills of your child.

Let us check out some of the goals and objectives of our English Language Arts curriculum for your 11th grader:

  • Ability to analyze words and their meanings without changing the context.
  • Analysis of tones, views, rhetorical techniques, and choice of words to give meanings to passages.
  • Ability to dissect all literary works to point out literary strategies like suspense, humor, comic relief, and others.
  • Ability to assess how an author develops a character’s traits as well as setting and plot throughout the narrative.
  • Ability to compare and contrast two different but similar literary works.
  • Ability to dissect different literary works to identify central themes and elements.
  • Using the evidence in a text to draw reasonable conclusions.
A high school teacher teaching ESL learners English language as part of online English language arts curriculum

For more information, check out our online school reading curriculum.

11th Grade Writing Goals/Objectives

Writing is considered to be one of the most important skills to excel in studies. It is needed to write essays, form sentences and passages, transcribing, as well as answer the questions correctly in exams. Considering the importance, Let’s Read English’s English Language Arts curriculum places emphasis on writing skills. This will not only help your child in school and college but also in the future.

Let’s Read English’s 11th grade English Language Arts curriculum will help your ESL learner meet writing goals and the other objectives listed below:

  • Ability to gather sources, organize them and evaluate them for writing research papers.
  • Ability to compose literary analytical piece and conclude with verifiable evidence.
  • Ability to formulate a thesis statement and provide supporting proofs.
  • Ability to write, edit, rewrite, and revise.
  • Ability to use MLA citation perfectly.
  • Students should be able to present sentences in different patterns and forms to avoid boredom.
  • Ability to write narrative, informative, and argumentative essays.

11th Grade Grammar Goals/Objectives

By 11th grade, students should be comfortable in writing rich essays without spelling and grammatical errors. As part of our English Language Arts curriculum, we have defined some goals and objectives that are relevant to an 11th grader. 

Close up of a page in a grammar book with English written on it depicting English language Arts curriculum
  • Students should understand and demonstrate proper punctuations.
  • They should be able to edit and rewrite articles without changing the meaning.
  • They should have the ability to spot errors during proofreading sessions.
  • Student should master the use of modifiers in sentences.
  • Student should recognize and correct shifts in verb tense and subject-verb agreement errors.
  • Students should be able to use object, subject, and pronouns properly.

Find more information on our online school grammar page.

Why Choose Let's Read English's 11th Grade English Language Arts Online School Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s 11th grade English Language Arts curriculum covers fiction, nonfiction texts, excerpts, and other learning activities for ESL learners. The program is aimed at helping ESL students improve their grammatical, writing, comprehension, and analytical skills.

Our English language Art’s curriculum’s primary focus is to build your child’s English speaking and writing skills and make him/her ready for the present and future. Considering the English Language Arts curriculum we have put together, you will find our fees affordable than many other programs. You can enroll in the curriculum as a primary source of study or use it as a supplement. The following are some of the benefits you and your child will enjoy from the curriculum:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • The curriculum is adaptive to any online school style.
  • Our ESL students can retake lessons, tests, and quizzes.
  • The curriculum presents work of literary icons in chronological order.
  • Our curriculum is flexible enough making it easier for the ESL learner to learn at the required pace.
  • We offer customizable reports and automated grading to help create outstanding online school portfolios.
  • Parents can make use of our planner, grading, and record-keeping tools for their child’s learning programs.
  • Our standards-based curriculum builds essential language arts skills that are used across subjects.
  • Video closed-captioning and other tools help differently abled students acquire the knowledge they need.
  • By enrolling in the program, our ESL students will master the comprehension and analysis of topics like drama, poetry, prose, and other literary genres.
  • Our program can be used to improve the skills acquired in previous classes.
  • We expose students to numerous but dissimilar tasks to help them hone their skills.
  • To make the program more interesting, we make lessons interactive.
  • Since lessons are taken online and recordings are readily available, your child can learn 24/7 from the comfort of your home.
  • The courses can be selected according to your child’s needs.
  • Our materials meet and surpass state and national standards, making them great for test preparation and after school online learning.
  • Parents can stop and quit the program anytime since there’s no contract involved.
  • Our video lessons engage students and also help struggling readers and writers achieve mastery.