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11th Grade Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are important in defining instructions that are useful for both parents and students. Lesson plans define various topics, objectives, and goals that help students to identify the skills and assignments that have to be taken care of for the entire year. 

With Let’s Read English, you and your ESL learner get to define lesson plans for math, language arts, science, and social studies with the choice of additional elective(s).

If you feel like creating independent lesson plans for your 11th grade ESL learner, or use ours, or add to what we offer, the information in this article will help you get started. For your reference, we have also added an overview of lesson plans for each subject here. 

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How to Create Lesson Plans for 11th Grade?

We understand the need and importance of lesson plans in the curriculum and thus we have provided some tips here that should help you in defining lesson plans for your ESL learner. Getting the lesson plans right is crucial for the students. A holistic lesson plan can make a difference and help the students in achieving the 11th grade objectives.

  • Ask your child specific questions to assess his/her level of understanding.
  • Ask your ESL learner to repeat the complex concepts multiple times to make them stick.
  • Engage your student in activities and let them work independently.
  • Let your 11th grader know the objectives of the course and every lesson.
  • Break lessons into chunks and assign timelines for completion.
  • Provide your child with only factual information.
  • Begin your lessons with a brief but engaging introduction so that the student understands what is he/she about to learn and gets prepared.
  • Hand out lesson outlines and the materials to be used.
  • Give your student ample time to ask questions especially related to complex topics. This will help them in embracing the concepts well.

Math Lesson Plans for 11th Grade

Let’s Read English recommends Algebra II as the subject of study part of the 11h grade math curriculum. Our 11th grade math curriculum offers more than 300 engaging and interactive activities that help your ESL learners gain clarity in concepts and master the skills. 

Here is a snippet of what all 11th grade ESL learners will learn as part of the Let’s Read English’s math curriculum:

  • Polynomial equations and exponential functions
  • Logarithms and logarithmic functions
  • Quadratic equations
  • Features of complex numbers
  • Radical and rational functions
  • Quantities and the relationships among them

Language Arts Lesson Plans for 11th Grade

Language arts is probably the most crucial subject for ESL learners. It helps in English language building and also makes the students aware of different literary works. The Language Arts curriculum should be holistic for ESL learners so that they master the English skills and be ready for admissions in schools/colleges in native English-speaking countries.

In 11th grade, American Literature is the recommended subject of study. The curriculum consists of both early American literary works and contemporary ones. The language arts curriculum consists of over 500 exercises and an ample number of chapters to help students master the English skills. The curriculum structure helps students perform literary analysis and evaluation of many literary texts.

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Here is a sample of what is included in our 11th grade language arts lesson plans:

  • All the watersheds in American roots
  • American Individualism romanticism
  • American Gothic romanticism
  • Modern Drama Study
  • Study of realist novel e.g. The Awakening, a novel by Kate Chopin

Science Lesson Plans for 11th Grade

Our 11th grade science curriculum is designed as per the national and state standards. With more than 300 activities and an ample amount of chapters, the 11th graders will be able to explore and understand various theories and laws of physics, our recommended subject of study as part of the 11th grade science curriculum.

The curriculum focuses on laws that govern the existence of the physical universe. It also demands conducting experiments based on different hypotheses and concepts.

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Here is a list of some of the lessons included as part of our physics curriculum:

  • Theories of modern physics
  • Acceleration, velocity, speed, and all Newton’s laws of motion
  • Introduction to Nuclear Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gravity and its principles

Social Studies Lesson Plans for 11th Grade

We recommend the U.S. History II course as part of the 11th grade social studies curriculum. Our course consists of over 300 activities and over 10 chapters that help students get exposed to the important incidents and critical turning points of U.S. History.

Our 11th grade social studies curriculum is based on state and national standards and thus conforms with any regular school curriculum. Here are few lessons that are included in our U.S. History II curriculum:

  • Urbanization of American societies and immigration 
  • Rise and fall of imperialism
  • Great War
  • The Gilded Age, industrialization, and the economic growth
  • The philosophy behind Progressivism in the U.S.
  • America in the 1920s
  • The Great Depression

What is Included in Let’s Read English’s 11th Grade Lesson Plans?

Let’s Read English’s lesson plans are holistic and provide you with all the information you need to online school your 11th grader. Each of our lessons comes with easy-to-follow instructions, engaging activities, study materials, and parental tools. As our program uses live teaching sessions, the ESL learners get access to teachers’ instructions and guidance. Parents love our curriculum because even the complex concepts have been simplified for the students.

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Students that register on our platform will have access to the following:

  • All the 11th grade courses curriculum.
  • Objectives and goals of all the courses.
  • The chapters, quizzes, and other activities within each subject.
  • Assignments and assessments.
  • Additional chapters as part of various subjects.
  • Bonus activities that will help students master the skills.