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11th Grade Math Curriculum

Math is one of the subjects that parents and students find difficult to deal with. As part of the 11th grade, students are expected to embrace the mathematical concepts of functions, algebra, data collection, and data analysis. At this level, it is very important to have the concepts clear as it will pave the way for future learning. A good 11th grade math curriculum should align with core math topics to enable essential education.

It is a fact that many students find math complicated and difficult to understand. The 11th grade math curriculum is much more advanced than the previous grades. Thus, at Let’s Read English, we aim to simplify math learning by making use of interactive videos and several assignments. Thorough assignments can help students master various mathematical concepts. We also make sure that our ESL learners don’t feel disconnected from the defined curriculum.

To understand how Let’s Read English helps students champion the math concepts, check out the following:

Desk with chalks and duster and a blackboard in the background with geometrical figures created for ESL learners representing math curriculum teaching lesson

11th Grade Math Objectives

It is always good to have an overview of the objectives of the curriculum. They not only help in understanding the course holistically but also help in making the job easier for kids and parents as far as learning preparation goes.

Here are the objectives of our 11th grade math curriculum:

  • Analysis and factorization of polynomials.
  • Converting degrees to radians and vice versa.
  • Creation of probability distribution from sets of data.
  • Solving quadratic equations using the square method.
  • Analysis of logarithmic functions graphically.
  • Using properties of rational exponents to simplify algebraic functions.
  • Presentation of the solution of inequalities in the forms of algebra and graphs.
  • Solution to rational equations.
  • Making predictions with the use of function models.

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What Math is Required for 11th Grader?

As part of the 9th and 10th grades math curriculum, students generally opt for Algebra I and Geometry respectively. In 11th grade, Algebra II is the primary topic by choice. Also, by 11th grade, students are expected to have mastered the prerequisite math topics and be ready for the next set of curriculum. 

Considering Let’s Read English’s 11th grade math curriculum, ESL learners will be taught the following:

  • How to present trigonometric and logarithmic functions in graphical forms.
  • How to perform the basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) on radical and rational functions.
  • The representation of relationships between quantities with mathematical modeling.
  • The representation of relationships between quantities with equations, variables, and inequalities.
  • How to use quadratics and complex numbers to solve equations.
  • Interpretation of data with probability and statistics.
  • The fundamentals of polynomials
  • How to use a graphing calculator.

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Why Choose Let’s Read English's 11th Grade Math Online School Curriculum?

Many ESL students use our math curriculum as a primary source of math learning, while many others use it as a supplement to enhance the existing skills. We have broken down our curriculum into easy-to-understand English language which is required for ESL learners. Parents can choose either option for their child and be rest assured that he/she would benefit from the course immensely. 

Here are some pointers as to why you should choose Let’s Read English’s 11th grade math curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • Our course allows students to revisit lessons, quizzes, and tests until they champion the subject.
  • We provide numerous practice opportunities as per different patterns and learning styles.
  • We enhance students’ knowledge from previous grades.
  • Customized reports and automated grading make creating online school portfolios fast and straightforward.
  • Students have the liberty to choose math topics that fit their individual needs.
  • Our curriculum meets and surpasses both state and national standards.
  • Our curriculum allows parents to plan and monitor their children’s progress and performance.
  • The course is flexible enough to target specific topics and concepts making it a great after school learning program.
  • The program is accessible and available 24/7 through the internet.
  • Our program can be used as a summer online learning tool to prevent summer slides.
  • Lessons are presented in several forms apart from the text.
  • There’s no contract involved, so you can quit the program anytime you like.
  • Students can progress at their own pace.
  • The curriculum provides several math exercises that help our students to achieve the end goals.