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11th Grade Online Curriculum

At Let’s Read English, we focus on helping our students build the skills that are needed to be successful in higher studies and to pave a good career path. We believe that every grade holds its importance and students should maintain their focus to enhance their skills at every step.

After crucial 10th grade, 11th grade is a turning point in a student’s life. It is the time when a student takes a step towards higher studies. Thus, both parents and children need to remain focused. Parents need to be extra cautious and should know what curriculum forms a part of the 11th grade. Using this knowledge, parents can identify what’s best for their 11th graders.

Let’s Read English promises a holistic 11th grade curriculum for ESL learners so that they can easily prepare for higher studies in a native English-speaking country.

Here’s what you need to know about the 11th grade curriculum:

Happy ESL high school students standing in the school hall

What are 11th Graders Taught?

11th graders are taught advanced concepts across various subjects with an intent to broaden the horizon. This enables them to learn advanced subjects like psychology, EVS, arts, and more.

Additionally, 11th grade takes the students one step closer to admissions in universities and colleges. Thus, students must pay attention to the subjects taught and be more aware. 

For example, students need to prepare for SATs/ACTs in the U.S. for college admissions which require intensive study in 11th and 12th grades. Our holistic 11th grade curriculum consists of topics that are beneficial to students and help them prepare for higher studies. The curriculum will also help international students with their learning goals.

Our 11th grade online curriculum covers the following:

  • Ability to think critically, comprehend things in the abstract realm, and solve real-life problems with the correct application of knowledge acquired.
  • Advanced vocabulary, composition, grammar, and literature.
  • Application of chemistry and physics concepts to real-world problems.
  • Creating equations and inequalities that can be utilized to model and solve mathematical and real-world problems.
  • How to conduct research using physical books and the internet.
  • Improving students’ organizational skills with the use of logs, planners, agendas, and calendar tools.
  • Introduction to contemporary I.T. tools like Microsoft Suite and G Suite.
  • Time management and task prioritization skills to improve students’ productivity.
  • Understanding of magnetism, electricity, energy, motion, and their relationship with one another as they relate to the universe.
  • Understanding the relationship among graphical, algebraic, numeric, and verbal representations of functions.
  • Building on the knowledge that students have already acquired in the lower grades.
ESL students sitting in a library taking lessons as per the curriculum

Let’s Read English’s scope and sequence for 11th grade and lesson plans for 11th grade pages can help your child in understanding what to expect in 11th grade curriculum.

Overview of the Curriculum of 11th Grade

There are many subjects to choose from in the 11th grade. In the U.S., there are subjects like Algebra II, Physics, U.S. History II, electives, and more that can be considered for learning. The intent is to choose subjects based on skillset, interest, and future planning.

A holistic 11th grade education can be beneficial for your child and help him/her in:

  • Analysis and evaluation of various genres of texts.
  • In-depth analysis of American foundation and history.
  • Chemistry and Physics concepts.
  • Goal setting and ability to question, evaluate, and analyze data sources during research.
  • Preparation for the advanced college curricula and career.
  • Reading, writing, speaking, and listening effectively.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Understanding mathematical relationships.

Search through the online school requirements in your state to confirm that your preferred curriculum aligns with what is needed.

Math Curriculum for 11th Grade

In the U.S., as part of the Math curriculum in the 11th grade, Algebra II is available, while in 12th grade, advanced math elective is available.  Sometimes, these courses may be shifted and taught in lower classes thus changing the curriculum of 11th and 12th grade. Regardless of the course selected, an excellent 11th grade math curriculum should put students through core math topics.  

Find out more about our math courses below:

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Find out more on this topic from our math curriculum for 11th grade page.

Language Arts Curriculum for 11th Grade

Our 11th Grade English Language Arts curriculum is based on universal standards. It builds on the skills acquired in the former grades by delving deeper into the concepts. The curriculum improves students speaking and writing abilities and takes it to next level. 

Our curriculum not only helps your ESL learner master all the necessary language arts skills but also prepares him/her for higher education and a bright career. As part of the curriculum, we make the students focus on writing, oral language, analysis and evaluation, reading comprehension, and many literary works for holistic learning.

 Here are some of the skills we teach our students as part of the language arts curriculum:

  • Ability to decipher subtle differences in the meaning of words and interpret figures of speech correctly.
  • Consolidating the understanding of English language conventions, grammar, and usage.
  • Proper usage of references to resolve issues and detect facts in research.

Find out more on our language arts curriculum for 11th grade page.

Social Studies Curriculum for 11th Grade

As part of the 11th grade social studies curriculum, students are taught topics like world history, geography, cultural studies, and more. Parents and students can select from four different social studies courses as part of the Let’s Read English’s high school curriculum:

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Get more information on our social studies curriculum for 11th grade page.

Science Curriculum for 11th Grade

The 11th grade science curriculum consists of subjects:

Let’s Read English, by default, attaches Physics to the 11th grade curriculum. But it is not mandatory to opt for the Physics curriculum. Parents and their ESL learners can opt for either of the aforementioned subjects.

Get more information on our science curriculum for 11th grade page. 

Electives Options for 11th Grade

The high school curriculum provides the option to opt for various electives. Let’s Read English is also fine-tuned to enable the students with different electives options. Following are the electives provided by Let’s Read English and from which parents and students can choose as per their requirement:

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Find out more on our list of high school electives page.

How to Online School an 11th Grader

If you are planning to get started with online schooling for your 11th grade ESL learner, we at Let’s Read English have put together relevant information for your reference. We will guide you on:

  • Getting started with online schooling
  • Scheduling and planning your lessons
  • Reading book list to get started
  • References, ideas, and way forward

You can get more about how to online school 11th grade online here.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 11th Grade Online School Curriculum?

With the Let’s Read English’s flexible learning plan, parents can use the 11th grade online school curriculum for their ESL learners as a regular online school curriculum, as an afterschool skill brush up, for assessments, for putting together portfolios, or for filling up the learning gaps.

We at Let’s Read English aim at providing the best of education to high school ESL learners and help them grow into young talented individuals. This is specially required for ESL students to study in a native English-speaking country. We provide courses at affordable prices than many other learning programs while keeping the focus on content and learning.

We have made our materials highly engaging and interactive for students. Also, the parents can choose from various courses as per the need and what’s best required for their child.

Check below to see why families prefer Let’s Read English’s online curriculum for 11th Grade:

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As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • Our ESL students have the liberty to choose their preferred courses.
  • We have materials to cover a full year’s learning quota.
  • There are additional activities available focusing on specific topics and skills.
  • Our lessons are interactive enough to keep students engaged.
  • Parents can make use of our planners, automatic grading system, and recordkeeping tool.
  • Parents are allowed to add foreign languages and subjects to their child’s program.
  • Since there’s no contractual obligation involved, parents can quit the program anytime.
  • We allow students to move at their pace.
  • The closed-captioning and language preference tools are added benefits for differently abled students.
  • ESL students can determine the duration of each lesson.
  • The curriculum helps to prevent summer slides by acting as a suitable online learning program for the summers.
  • Our coursework matches what is taught in traditional classrooms, so it is a great after school learning program.
  • We give students ample opportunities to practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge.
  • The curriculum meets graduation requirements and national standards.
  • Parents can get reports of completed work and grades upon request.
  • Tests, quizzes, and lessons can be retaken until mastery is achieved.
  • Our wide variety of material types helps students with different learning patterns and styles.

FAQs About Online Schooling 11th Grade

What is the typical age of 11th graders?

While the typical age of 11th graders is 16 – 17 years, there may be a few exceptions like if they failed in any of the earlier grades or were promoted to a higher grade earlier than usual. The age is also dependent on when the child was enrolled in the school for the first time (like when they joined nursery or kindergarten).

How can I get my child ready for 11th Grade?

You can get your child ready for the all important 11th grade by doing the following:

  • Inculcating work ethics and mandatory task completion habit.
  • Set learning goals for your child and monitor his/her progress.
  • Make sure your child always crosschecks his work before submission.
  • Help him/her with the organization of study materials and lesson sequence.
  • Enable him/her for note-taking capabilities and asking to lay down study strategies.
  • Your college-bound child should start preparing for ACT/SAT.
  • Help him/her balance coursework with other activities to keep stress and anxiety at bay.
Students preparing to presentation on History

What is 11th grader required to know by the end of the session?

Apart from gaining insights into various topics and clearing the concepts, your child should be able to handle the following at the end of the year:

  • Link Chemistry/Physics laws and concepts to real-world phenomena.
  • Understand the importance of history.
  • Ability to take notes.
  • Read, understand and analyze different types of 11th grade texts.
  • Know Algebra inside-out.
  • Speak and write without spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Critical thinking for solving complex and real-world problems.
  • Optimal use of technology for research and enhanced learning.

What is the importance of 11th grade?

11th grade’s importance in a student’s life is not hidden. It is based on the preparation in 11th and 12th grades that students pave the path for their higher studies and career. Colleges and universities consider the curriculum of the 11th standard as a base for further studies. In a nutshell, the 11th grade’s curriculum acts as a base for the admission process for higher studies. On the other hand, the 11th grade curriculum also helps your child in understanding and solving real-life problems making him/her more practical in life. 11th grade curriculum is also extensive and acts as a benchmark of what is expected in the college.

How many credits should my child have in the 11th grade?

Required credits vary as per the state and country. In the U.S., you will need to check with your state for the number of credits required for an 11th grader.

Is graduation a possibility in the 11th Grade?

The requirements for early graduation also vary across states. In the U.S., you will need to check with your state for the graduation requirements. It is better to get the information before your child’s 11th grade online schooling begins. Your child may need to focus on additional courses to enable him/her to graduate early.