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11th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

11th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

Social studies is an interesting subject as it is an amalgamation of history, geography, culture, and more. As part of the 11th grade social studies curriculum, the primary focus of the study is either U.S. History or World History (based on preference). 

The 11th grade social studies curriculum demands an in-depth understanding of historical events and history as a whole. Apart, the curriculum also focuses on advanced geography and topics relating to culture. 11th grade social studies curriculum can be a bit overwhelming. Thus, students need to remain calm and focus on the objectives.

At Let’s Read English, we have created 11th grade social studies curriculum as per the universal standards.  The course is created in an easy-to-understand English language which is beneficial to ESL learners. In this article, you will learn about the social studies objectives for 11th grade and how the Let’s Read English program can be the ideal choice for ESL learners to study social studies. Hop onto the following sections for more information on the topic of discussion.

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What is Taught in 11th Grade Social Studies?

The 11th grade social studies curriculum transitions from World History to U.S. History. The curriculum also encapsulates geography, civics, and economics. The sequence of study though depends on the choice of subjects selected in high school.

As part of Let’s Read English’s 11th grade social studies curriculum, we provide four choices to our ESL learners to select from as their preferred subject of study.

As important it is to finalize the 11th grade social studies curriculum, equally important is the fact that your child should be engaged in the course and learn about different aspects of the U.S. and World History. While learning history is crucial, the student should also be aware of what he/she is learning and ask questions about it. The student should also be able to analyze available evidence and make a reasonable inference from it.

As part of the U.S. History II curriculum, Let’s Read English will help your ESL learner with the following topics:

Social studies books for ESL learners and a globe on a wooden shelf depicting social studies curriculum
  • World War I and effects of imperialism
  • Industrialization, immigration, and urbanization
  • The importance of the Gilded Age
  • American West and rise of populism
  • Progressivism and Reforms
  • The ‘70s and ‘80s to the modern history
  • The Great Depression
  • The Era of Cultural Changes
  • World War II 
  • Cold War 

Find out more about our 11th grade social studies curriculum by checking the links below:

11th Grade Social Studies Objectives

Before starting with the learning of any subject, the objectives of learning must be put in place. These objectives act like stepping stones to reach the end goal. The objectives can be reviewed at specific intervals by the parents and the way of learning can be molded accordingly before moving ahead with the course. At the end of the year, the objectives can be reviewed to check if they have been achieved. Parents can then take the appropriate course of action.

Here are some of the objectives that should be considered as part of the 11th grade social studies curriculum:

Globe showing South America
  • Arrangement of watershed events in chronological order, including what caused the event and the likelihood of continuity.
  • Analysis of political writings, animations, essays, and other documents.
  • Comparisons among people, races, cultures, beliefs, religions, and ideas.
  • Giving account of historical events in essays based on each student’s understanding.
  • Linking the past to the present in different areas like cultures, beliefs, fashion, and more.
  • Evaluation of different perspectives leading to different interpretations.
  • Provide details about important leaders who left indelible legacies in different fields.
  • Finding connection between historical processes and historical developments.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 11th Grade Social Studies Online School Curriculum?

As part of the 11th grade social studies curriculum, students are taught either U.S. History II or World History. The decision is usually based upon the high school plans of the child. Using Let’s Read English, parents can choose from various social studies subjects as per their child’s skill set and interests. 

With an extensive curriculum and thorough activities, the Let’s Read English’s 11th grade social studies learning is a boon for your ESL learner. After completing the course, the students would be able to understand and embrace the history and its relationship with people. They would become more aware of cultures and traditions, historical events and the related world leaders, and the significance of our history and historical places. In a nutshell, our 11th grade social studies curriculum will teach your ESL learner our rich history as well as other relevant subjects (geography, civics, etc.).

Let’s Read English provides the 11th grade social studies curriculum for the whole year. Students can either opt for the full course for the entire year or use it as a supplement to enhance their learning. The upside of our curriculum is that it is available at affordable prices when compared with other similar programs.

Here are some of the benefits of opting for our 11th grade social studies curriculum both as a full time learning course or as a supplement:

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • To make social studies interesting and easy to understand, our curriculum presents events in chronological orders.
  • We include charts, maps, photographs, multimedia clips, and graphic organizers in lessons, rather than use text alone. This covers different learner types.
  • The lessons go deep into what is being taught whether it is an event, a document, or a personality.
  • Parents can help their ESL learner to build their online school portfolios.
  • Our standard-based lessons are taught by highly experienced and certified teachers
  • Students are exposed to a variety of writing assignments, as well as projects, with built-in writing support.
  • The course uses CloseReader for highlighting texts for emphasis.
  • Students can opt for advanced courses like psychology, sociology, and more.
  • Let’s Read English’s video lessons include closed-captioning to ensure differently abled students get the support they need.
  • The curriculum can be used as a summer online school course.
  • The curriculum can also be used for afterschool online learningor to just brush up on specific concepts.
  • The course focuses on lessons relating to history, geography, culture, and more and keeps them interesting.
  • Since our course is purely online, your child can take the lessons from wherever he/she likes.
  • As a supplement, parents can choose from any of the four social studies courses. They can also choose a combination of courses.
  • The course curriculum and its execution ensures that students are not overwhelmed by the complexity of lessons.
  • Parents can quickly define objectives and track their child’s progress. Additionally, they can stop and restart the chosen course anytime.
  • As part of the course, children will be able to respond to several writing and project assignments to consolidate their skills and knowledge.
  • The course is available online via internet and can be accessed 24/7 regardless of location.