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12th Grade English Language Arts Online Curriculum

12th Grade English Language Arts Online Curriculum

Good knowledge of English Language Arts is required for students to excel and progress in their college and career. This is especially applicable for ESL learners for whom the subject is compulsory. For ESL learners, English Language Arts is crucial as it is needed for studying other subjects that are drafted in the English language.

Through this article, we will unveil the concepts of English Language Arts for 12th graders and explicitly explain the objectives for each section of the 12th grade English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum. The article will also describe how Let’s Read English’s 12th grade ELA curriculum will help online school students (especially ESL learners) and parents attain their English related end goals.

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What a 12th Grader Learns in English Language Arts?

The 12th grade English Language Arts curriculum demands a focus on grammar, literature, vocabulary, and composition. Let’s Read English’s 12th grade ELA curriculum consists of English IV subject which relates to British Literature. The curriculum also asks for:

  • Studying poetry by Shakespeare, Marvell, Donne, and other renowned authors, and understand the hidden concepts, thoughts, and themes behind them.
  • Using works like Paston Letters and Canterbury Tales to study the issues in society back then.
  • Going through William Blake’s work and deciphering the symbolism.
  • Understanding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work and his mystery genre.
  • Making use of Latin and Greek words to establish English vocabulary.
  • Writing logical essays to decipher the meaning of a text.

Find out more about Let’s Read English’s 12th grade English Language Arts curriculum by reviewing the scope and sequence for English Language Arts for 12th grade page plus the lesson plans for English Language Arts for 12th grade.

12th Grade Reading Goals/Objectives

In the 12th grade, as per the English curriculum, reading instructions change to more advanced comprehension and vocabulary from the previously taught decoding and fluency. Special focus needs to be put on ESL learners who have weak areas of study as per the regular evaluation. Reading instructions is one of the important features of Let’s Read English’s English Language Arts curriculum.

Here are some of the goals of the reading curriculum for senior year that are also a focal point of study in Let’s Read English:

  • Carefully studying and understanding the root words, affixes, suffixes, antonyms, and synonyms to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar words. 
  • Decipher literary allusions and idioms.
  • Comparison of the development of British literature through the years.
  • Identify the components of different genres of literature.
  • Comparison between contemporary and conventional poetry.
  • Identify and conclude from the non-fictional texts.

Learn more about reading goals and objectives on our online school reading curriculum.

12th Grade Writing Goals/Objectives

Writing is an important aspect of 12th grade. By this level, students should be able to write compelling essays and compositions that bring out a definitive meaning and clear perspective.  As part of the English language curriculum in the senior year, students should be able to draw inferences from texts, poetry, short stories, and plays and clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas into the writing.

12th grade writing goals/objectives include:

  • Taking care of all the writing processes like drafting, the actual writing, and editing while writing essays and compositions.
  • Writing in different forms/types to suit the audience and purpose.
  • Capability to isolate and analyze self-created text and that created by others.
  • Effectively understanding the grammatical rules and conventions to write persuasively and clearly.

12th Grade Grammar Goals/Objectives

For 12th grade students, grammatical concepts hold great significance. The core grammatical concepts form part of the college entrance exams and thus require thorough understanding. This can really help ESL learners in preparing for admissions to colleges in native English-speaking countries. Going deep into the conventions is what is required as part of the senior school.

Following are the grammatical concepts that should be considered of great importance for both high school and senior school students:

  • Subject-pronouns
  • Parallel structure in sentences
  • Verb tenses
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Noun-verb agreement
  • Commas and other punctuations

Why Choose Let’s Read English's 12th Grade English Language Arts Online School Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s 12th grade English Language Arts curriculum focuses on helping ESL learners to study diverse topics and texts across different literary and grammatical subjects. As the curriculum becomes advanced in senior school, it requires students to perform literary analysis of both classic and contemporary literature. Equal importance is given to poetry, drama, short stories, and nonfiction. This will help the students in understanding various reading comprehension strategies and other useful literary-analysis strategies. The curriculum also focuses on building good oral and writing skills.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose Let’s Read English’s English Language Arts course for their 12th grade ESL learners:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Let’s Read English online portal provides parents and students with a login facility where they can log in to the system and review the lesson plans.
  • Parents and ESL students can access the full year’s online material relating to the subject 24/7. This makes it easier for the students to learn at their own pace.
  • Our online program enables ESL students to take their classes on the go and from anywhere around the world. Our course is suitable for roadschoolersworldschoolers, and more.
  • We provide tools to the parents to organize their child’s work and track his/her progress.
  • Our holistic program helps students for preparation of college entrance examinations such as the SAT/ACT.
  • Let’s Read English provides instructional videos and interactive tasks to make learning easier and quicker.
  • Our curriculum focuses on selective assessments, tests, quizzes, and exams to make sure students understand different and specific concepts.
  • Our student-paced class is helpful in remediation, which is excellent for afterschool or summer online learning.
  • Parents have the flexibility to add and remove topics from their child’s learning plan. This helps the students focus on specific topics.
  • Parents can easily check their child’s performance on the course dashboard as part of their login. This gives them an advantage of reviewing the child’s progress at regular intervals and also the clarity of how to move forward.