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12th Grade Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are an important part of the course curriculum. They provide instructions for school teachers and parents (as part of online schooling) on how to teach a child. In a nutshell, lesson plans define what students need to learn in a particular year. The lesson plans consist of the name of chapters, lesson descriptions, lesson objectives, activities, and more.

At Let’s Read English, we lay importance on lesson plans and provide them for every grade. Whether it is grade 1 or grade 12, we have lesson plans in place to help guide our parents and keep them informed of what their child is learning. 

For 12th grade, the lesson plans are of prime importance. They give parents the luxury of choosing specific lessons and activities as per their child’s requirements. The 12th grade lesson plans are even more important because in this grade students aim for higher studies. For our ESL learners, the lesson plans bring out clarity on what students will learn and how they can prepare for admissions in a native English-speaking country.

This article focuses on how parents can define lesson plans for their 12th graders. Following are the linked sections that you can go through to have an idea of what 12th grade lesson plans look like:

ESL students sitting in a library taking lessons as per the curriculum

How to Create a Lesson Plan for 12th Grade?

Teaching is much easier if you have a lesson plan to follow. Having a lesson plan also helps in organizing and monitoring your child’s progress. That way, you know if you need to slow down or increase the pace of the program. Your lesson plan should include necessary information about the coursework and the different activities included in it. Here are some essential tips on how to make a good lesson plan for 12th grade:

  • Every lesson should have clear objectives.
  • Create an outline of the materials that may be required for your child.
  • Include a timeline for each lesson so that students can plan their way forward.
  • Describe topics that will be covered in each lesson.
  • Enable the prior knowledge of a topic by asking your child pertinent questions at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Provide fundamental information to your child before starting with a lesson.
  • Give your child ample time to ask questions and for grasping complex concepts.
  • Every lesson should end with a summary or quick recap.
  • After the end of the session, the program should provide assignments and assessments to gauge your child’s understanding.
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Math Lesson Plans for 12th Grade

For the high school math curriculum, different subjects are recommended for different grades. As part of the 12th grade, Let’s Read English recommends Pre-calculus and Trigonometry as the topics of study. These topics are also part of the regular school 12th grade math curriculum. Parents should decide the math lesson plans based on these topics. 

Some of the lessons that form part of the 12th grade Pre-calculus and Trigonometry are:

  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Calculus: An introduction
  • Polynomial Functions
  • Rational numbers and equations
  • Probability, permutation, and combination
  • Statistics
  • System of Equations
  • System of Inequalities
  • Polar Equations
  • Parametric Equations
  • Vectors
  • Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
  • Trigonometric functions and their graphical representation
  • The fundamentals sines and cosines
  • The two-dimensional Polar coordinate system
  • Trigonometric functions and their use
  • Trigonometric identities
  • Trigonometric equations
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Language Arts Lesson Plans for 12th Grade

Language Arts curriculum is crucial when we talk about ESL learners. It is based on the language arts understanding that ESL learners can prepare for admissions to colleges in native English-speaking countries. While language arts is important for ESL learners of all grades, the 12th grade language arts curriculum holds great significance as students need to fulfill all the language arts credits that are left as part of high school.

Let’s Read English provides multiple chapters and over 500 activities to prepare 12th graders for language arts. The curriculum consists of multiple literary works and material as stated below:

  • Focus on contemporary voices
  • Cultural importance in art and artifacts
  • Epic Beginnings
  • Works from the middle ages and through to Renaissance
  • Romanticism in England and enlightenment

Science Lesson Plans for 12th Grade

As part of the high school science curriculum, students are recommended to complete a minimum of three years of various science courses. The students who have not completed the recommendation can opt for the specific courses in the 12th grade. The students who have already fulfilled the criteria can opt for a science elective in this senior year. Let’s Read English provides Environmental Science as a choice based on high school electives.

Some of the topics part of the curriculum include:

High school students taking notes in a class
  • Environmental Science and its history
  • Types of Biomes e.g. Arid and Semi-Arid
  • Ecology and its features
  • Land use, operation, and management
  • The Dynamics of Population

Social Studies Lesson Plans for 12th Grade

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Our social studies curriculum for 12th grade revolves around the U.S. Government course, which contains multiple chapters and over 150 activities. Also, the students can choose from multiple social studies electives like psychology, sociology, and more.

Some of the lessons included in the U.S. Government course are:

  • Civics and Participation
  • Civil Rights and Liberties in America
  • Introduction to the U.S. Government
  • American Public Policy
  • The American Constitution

What is Included in Let’s Read English’s 12th Grade Lesson Plans?

Let’s Read English provides extensive and recommended lesson plans for 12th grade. The lesson plans contain ample information to help parents online school their 12th graders. Also, Let’s Read English’s 12th grade lesson plans are focused on ESL learners and preparing students for further studies. Our curriculum across different subjects consists of teaching via multimedia sources (like videos), engaging activities, and cutting-edge technology. With pre-defined 12th grade lesson plans, parents can focus on the more important job i.e. helping their child learn various subjects and concepts. Let’s Read English curriculum consists of fun-filled activities and concepts that keep your child engrossed. 

Here is what is included as part of our 12th grade lesson plans:

High school students studying 12th grade lesson plans in library
  • Access to multiple and different types of activities (scored, assessments, quizzes) for conceptual understanding
  • Complete curriculum details for 12th grade
  • Description, goals, and objectives for all the lessons and subjects
  • Easy access to all chapters (including bonus ones) within each subject