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12th Grade Math Online Curriculum

12th Grade Math Online Curriculum

At Let’s Read English, we believe in building a partnership with parents to make sure that students complete senior school with the necessary expertise they require for college admission and to excel in college programs. The Let’s Read English program, specifically for mathematics, acts as an exceptional college-prep course for ESL learners. The program also explains the prime mathematical concepts using numerous multimedia tools which makes learning easier for the ESL learners and also other students. This kind of setup helps the students create interest in mathematics.

In this article, we will disclose what 12th graders should learn as part of the mathematics curriculum, the general 12th grade math objectives, and how the Let’s Read English 12th grade math curriculum enables online school students to achieve their goals.

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Blackboard with high school mathematical concepts of algebra and trigonometry for ESL learners as per math curriculum

What Should a 12th Grader Learn in Math?

For students targeting college, 3-4 years of math is suggested during high school.  By 12th grade, it is expected that students would have already covered curriculum for Algebra I, curriculum for Algebra II, and curriculum for Geometry. Thus, in senior school, students will need to tackle more advanced subjects like Precalculus or Trigonometry.

Students in the senior school learn advanced math topics like:

  • Logarithms and exponentials
  • Concepts of mathematical induction
  • Probability, permutations, and combinations
  • Advanced trigonometric functions, trigonometric reciprocal functions, and transformations
  • Vector algebra, operations, and functions
  • Trigonometric equations

Find out more about our 12th grade math curriculum by visiting our scope and sequence for 12th grade and the lesson plans for 12th grade pages.

12th Grade Math Objectives

High school students should ensure that they focus on mathematics due to the rising demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers. 12th grade students who opt for advanced math courses stand a better chance of getting into colleges and getting enrolled in the course of their choice (specifically related to math or science).

To prepare the students for college, 12th grade mathematics curriculum should focus on developing the student’s expertise by:

  • Abstract and quantitative reasoning
  • Understanding mathematical models like statistical models, probability models, and more.
  • Handling the right tools strategically
  • Identifying and creating graphical representations of functions
  • Solving complex equations

Why Choose Let's Read English's 12th Grade Math Online School Curriculum?

Our extensive senior school curriculum covers all the math objectives for the 12th grade as listed above and many more distinctive features. Our advanced math program helps to enhance a student’s analytical and critical thinking which is required in college. The Let’s Read English’s 12th grade math curriculum and the course is drafted in easy-to-understand English language to aid our ESL learners.

The following are the reasons why most parents choose Let’s Read English’s 12th Grade math curriculum for their ESL learners:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Our advanced math program includes live teaching and more than 200 multimedia lessons to help the ESL students master the important math concepts.
  • We believe in breaking down topics into smaller chunks to ensure that lectures permeate the students’ minds and fascinate them, making the lessons more engaging and interesting.
  • Our lessons span across various learning patterns and styles making the students retain what they’ve studied.
  • ESL students who complete our program are equipped with expertise that prepares them for a college math program in a native English-speaking country.
  • Recordkeeping and auto-grading are part of the payment (subscription).
  • Parents have access to the printable curriculum, parental support, detailed reports, and teaching tools.
  • As a supplement, parents can choose a specific course, lesson, and concept from the program as required for their child.
  • Students can learn from over 200 multimedia resources in our 12th grade math program and can use the knowledge to enhance other math learning programs.
  • The step-by-step learning process is crucial. This enhances the students learning capabilities. Different models and demonstrations enabled in Let’s Read English can prove to be beneficial to the ESL students who have weak areas of study.
  • Users can access our program online regardless of place or time. With Let’s Read English, you get 24/7 access to all the study material. Specific access is also available as part of the program.
  • Students can retake tests, quizzes, and exams multiple times to fully understand the concepts, which makes the program a perfect choice for afterschool online learning.