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12th Grade Social Studies Online Curriculum

12th Grade Social Studies Online Curriculum

Social Studies is an important subject part of the high school curriculum. It is complex in the sense that it contains different aspects of the world, rich history, vast geography, and more. Students can diversify their knowledge and use the concepts and information as part of social studies to identify a connected world, people, and their behavior.  Let’s Read English’s high school social studies program focuses on the said points and prepares the ESL students for admissions into the native English-speaking country colleges.

Through this article, parents will get an overview of our 12th grade Social Studies course curriculum and its objectives. The article also throws light on why the Let’s Read English’s Social Studies course is the best deal for your 12th grader.

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Closeup on the word socialism in dictionary depicting social studies learning for ESL learners

What Is Taught in 12th Grade Social Studies?

For college admissions in the U.S., 3 years of high school credits are required in social studies. As history forms a big part of social studies in high school, if your child has already completed the required credits, the history course that your child wants to opt for in the 12th grade largely depends on you and your child. However, if your child still hasn’t opted for either U.S. History or World History, then at least one of them should be added to the 12th grade social studies credit. If both the courses/credits are complete, then Let’s Read English recommends adding one semester of U.S. Government course with a semester of Economics elective to complete the 12th grade social studies credit.

12th Grade Social Studies Objectives

Before graduating from high school, the students should be able to perform the following as part of the social studies curriculum:

  • Read and analyse complex text
  • Able to communicate concepts about geography, civics, and history as covered in the social studies curriculum.
  • Analyze and solve problems from different perspectives.
  • Examine important historical events and analyzing how they impacted people and cultures over time.
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities, and rights of people.
  • Describe how the structure and role of the government affect a nation and its people.

Why Choose Let’s Read English's 12th Grade Social Studies Online School Curriculum?

Let’s Read English’s Social Studies curriculum is one of the finest courses designed in the online learning industry for ESL learners. It not only aids the students but also helps the parents have peace of mind. The flexible and standards-based Let’s Read English social studies curriculum is fine-tuned to match a 12th grader’s learning needs. The program helps ESL students in achieving the end goals by making use of instructional videos, interactive learning material, intensive assignments, and diverse assessments. The in-built tools that the program provides help with end-to-end learning.

With Let’s Read English, parents have access to their child’s progress and performance reports. Progress reports keep the parents in the loop so that they can identify the next course of action for their child. Thus, our program not only helps ESL students but also their parents in keeping them abreast with what their child is doing, how is he/she performing, and how much time he/she is taking to complete the objectives.

Let’s check out how Let’s Read English’s Social Studies curriculum can be useful both as a full-time option and as a supplement:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • At the high school level, students can opt from four different history programs and numerous social studies-related electives.
  • Our video-based classes have subtitles to support differently abled students or ELLs.
  • An inbuilt auto-grading system provides instant performance grades based on the output of assessments. There is also an auto-reporting feature that provides parents with the progress report of their child which can be used by them to condition their child accordingly.
  • Our social studies program is adaptable to any online schooling style and can serve as a primary curriculum or as a supplement to other similar programs.
  • To keep the students engaged, the Let’s Read English Social Studies course is taught using interactive videos, quizzes, assessments, and projects.
  • The program offers a pay-by-month subscription and the parents can stop, start, and cancel the subscription at any time.
  • Parents can define a threshold score for their child and let him/her do the assessments. If the score is below the threshold score, parents can help their child redo the concerned lesson.
  • The option to generate custom reports is also available within the program. Parents can generate reports using filters like grade, subject, and more.
  • The program uses interactive instructional videos and intensive assignments to keep the student engaged.
  • Students can redo lessons multiple times till they don’t master the concepts.
  • Using multiple teaching techniques, the program support students that require different learning styles.
  • The intensive curriculum is built to help students with college admissions. The program also helps students to develop the analytical and critical thinking that they will require in college.
  • Parents who want their children to be ahead and prevent summer slides can opt for our course for summer learning.
  • Parents and students can access our program 24/7 irrespective of any location.
  • The program is excellent as an afterschool online learning program because it helps struggling students with their studies and enhances their learning skills.
  • There is an option of printable reports that can be used by the parents to add to the online school portfolio.