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1st Grade Language Arts Online Curriculum

1st Grade Language Arts Curriculum​

1st grade is a stepping stone for future education. The grade is crucial because most of the basic and core concepts that are utilized by future subjects are defined as part of the 1st grade curriculum. The English language arts curriculum provides students especially ESL learners with an opportunity to work on reading and writing skills in the English language. This prepares the students for admissions in native English-speaking countries if parents are inclined.

The 1st grade language arts curriculum should focus on enhancing English language skills and communication skills. Proficiency at such a young age will help the students in further grades and in cracking senior school and college examinations designed for native English-speaking students. The 1st grade curriculum comprises learning via phonics, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and more.

This article will let you know what a 1st grade curriculum should look like and include. Also, the article will help the parents and students understand what concepts part of 1st grade they should know, the objectives, and more.

An elementary school teacher handing over the assignment to a child in a class of ESL learners

What is Required of 1st Grader as part of Language Arts?

The 1st grade language arts curriculum consists of learning new words throughout the year. Apart from reading and writing simple words, the students should be able to write very basic and short sentences and also focus on spellings.

he 1st grade language arts curriculum focuses on features and objectives such as:

  • Students should be able to identify all the 26 alphabets and their sounds.
  • Students should be able to identify the parts and author(s) of a book. Also, they should be able to understand the blended sounds like consonant-vowel-consonant combinations.
  • The students should be able to write letters in both the upper and lower case. They should be able to read and comprehend simple and short essays.
  • 1st grader should at least be able to write their name and decipher the spellings of simple words. They should also be able to spell long words phonetically.

An excellent 1st-grade language arts curriculum will help students achieve mastery in the areas listed above. You can find out more about our curriculum through our scope and sequence for language arts for 1st grade and lesson plans for language arts for 1st grade pages. In these pages, you will find how we groom 1st graders to achieve their language arts objectives, what is included as part of the 1st grade language arts curriculum, and why you should choose our extensive program for your 1st grader.

1st Grade Reading Goals/Objectives

Reading is one of the important skills for 1st grade ESL learners. It is by using the reading skills that 1st grade ESL learners will become more aware of their surroundings. The parents should see that they inculcate English reading habits in their ESL learners. This can be achieved by reading text to your child and at the same time asking them to read back. Continuous reading will help sharpen their reading skills. You will see a change in your ESL learner once you go out or travel somewhere, as he/she would show interest in reading and learning new English words. 

A comprehensive 1st grade language arts reading curriculum will help your ESL learner achieve specific English reading objectives and goals such as:

  • Deciphering the basic idea of a story after reading it.
  • Understanding the parts of a story or a book.
  • Increase of individual English vocabularies with new words every day.
  • Identification of all vowels and consonants and their sounds.
  • Understanding how to become a fluent English speaker and a proficient reader.
  • Reading and instant comprehension of English essays and stories.
  • Understanding phonics like the combination of consonants.
  • Knowing more about the Let’s Read English’s online reading curriculum and helping ESL learners how to become skilled in English reading.
An elementary school boy writing English sentences as part of the language arts curriculum in a notebook

Find out more about Let’s Read English’s online school English reading curriculum and understand how your 1st grader can achieve fluency and reading proficiency.

1st Grade Writing Goals/Objective

1st grade is a crucial platform for students. The future reading and writing skills are dependent on what a child learns in 1st grade. This becomes of paramount importance when we talk about ESL learners who need a great focus on English learning. In 1st grade, the students identify words using which they start forming sentences. The students also start identifying the formation of paragraphs and their features in this grade. A special focus is put on spellings. Though the 1st grade curriculum does not focus on mastery of spellings, at least the students should understand the sounds and be able to predict the spelling pattern.

Here are some of the objectives that 1st grade ESL learners should be able to achieve:

  • Students should be able to write 3-4 letter English words without errors. They should also be able to understand and write the longer words phonetically.
  • Ability to write from left to right with proper spacing.
  • Writing from the top to the bottom of a page.
  • Ability to turn simple sentences into a paragraph and several paragraphs into a story/essay.
Elementary school ESL students from different ethnicities raising hands in class

At Let’s Read English, we believe that an online school English writing curriculum can improve students’ sentence writing, grammar, and reading skills.

1st Grade Grammar Goals/Objectives

English grammar is important for writing skills. Without proper grammar skills, the students won’t be able to form coherent sentences or understand the formation of paragraphs. Grammar involves the proper use of punctuations, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and more. The following are some of the grammar objectives that the 1st grade English learners can work toward:

  • Identification of compound words.
  • Understanding the difference between proper and possessive nouns.
  • Understanding different parts of speech and different types of sentences.
  • Using capitalization and punctuations at right places.
An elementary school Asian girl smiling and reading a book with two more kids in the background reading books

Why Choose Let's Read English's 1st Grade Language Arts Curriculum?

At Let’s Read English, we help with the transition of students from being ready to read to actual English reading. Our 1st grade curriculum improves your child’s ability to handle English reading, punctuations, grammar, and writing. We also enhance students’ vocabulary by introducing them to new English words every day.

With an automated grading system and reporting feature, parents can track their child’s progress and focus on important elements of the curriculum. Our lessons are interactive and include fun activities that keep your 1st graders engaged. Our curriculum is extensive and also easy to embrace. The course builds on what 1st graders learn in kindergarten and thus enhances their reading, writing, and grammar skills. 

Here are some of the benefits of the Let’s Read English curriculum:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Our 1st grade language arts curriculum includes multiple activities to help students develop proper English vocabulary.
  • Our reporting and grading systems are fully automated and provide updates in real-time. This helps parents with utilizing time in important tasks.
  • The content of our 1st grade English language arts curriculum is in line with all state and national standards.
  • We have activity planners and curriculum calculators to help parents plan their children's programs.
  • All our lessons and activities are included in our detailed lesson plans.
  • Our curriculum includes phonics, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and more.
  • Parents have access to reading lists and spelling word lists so they can help their children improve their reading and writing skills.
  • Printable worksheets are used for practice and improving handwriting skills.
  • Students have 24/7 online access to the program and lessons. They can access the program from anywhere regardless of location.
  • Students can access the material for the previous grade and that of the next grade to help with revision and be prepared for the next grade respectively.
  • The program provides a flexible curriculum that allows students to take up learning activities across different subjects and grades.
  • You can start and stop the program anytime since there's no contract involved.
  • A self-paced curriculum makes it ideal for learning for 1st graders including children with gifted and special needs.
  • Students can retake lessons, tests, and quizzes for mastering and polishing their English skills.
  • Students can easily focus on the required lessons and activities and skip the rest.
  • As the entire program is online, minimal manual help is required.