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1st Grade Online Math Curriculum

1st Grade Online Math Curriculum

1st grade math curriculum is an important stepping stone for future math learning. The 1st grade math curriculum should focus on fundamentals and concepts in a way that not only makes math learning effective but also fun. With the basics in place, your child would be able to learn to tackle more complex problems in future grades.

We at Let’s Read English lay primary importance on ESL learners. With the help of our 1st grade math curriculum designed in easy-to-understand English language, the ESL learners will be able to grasp the concepts quickly and easily. This will help them in preparing for school interviews in native English-speaking countries.

Keeping up with the 1st grade math curriculum is also important as it forms the base for future math learning. The curriculum should be fun for the 1st graders to keep them engaged. Any leniency can lead to your child lose interest in the subject. If the 1st grade math curriculum is extensive, it can help your child with the understanding of real-world problems. With expertise in the subject, your child can become a logical thinker and a problem solver.

In this article, you will learn more about 1st grade math curriculum, the objectives, and why Let’s Read English’s 1st grade math curriculum is a popular choice among parents.

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What Math is Required for 1st Grader?

Students learn a lot of things as part of the 1st grade math curriculum. The concepts build over what students learned in kindergarten and act as a base for learning in the 2nd and future grades. As part of the 1st grade, the students should be aware of many mathematical concepts to be successful and for learning advanced topics. The 1st grade math curriculum should keep the students engaged through fun activities and should motivate them to embrace math concepts.

Following are some of the math concepts that a 1st grader should know:

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  • Ability to identify, count, and write numbers
  • Introduction to shapes and patterns
  • Comparison of quantities to determine which one is higher or lower
  • Understanding of place values in the unit, tens, hundreds, and more
  • Perform a minimum of single-digit addition and subtraction

Find out more about the Let’s Read English’s 1st grade math curriculum from our scope and sequence for math 1st grade and lesson plans for math for 1st grade pages.

1st Grade Math Objectives

Once the 1st grade math curriculum is defined, you should set some objectives and goals for your 1st grader. Make sure the goals are practical enough and could be attained. 

Here are some of the math goals for 1st graders:

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  • 1st graders should be able to count from 1 to 100, from 5 to 100 (in 5s), from 10 to 100 (in 10s), and from 2 to 40 (in 2s)
  • Students should be able to represent various numbers on a number line
  • Students should be able to perform addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers
  • They should be able to tell and write down the date and time. They should also be able to read a calendar
  • They should be able to count and understand the value of money
  • Students should be able to identify and classify 2-dimensional shapes

If your child can achieve most of the objectives stated here, the parents can push and prepare them for the next grade i.e. 2nd grade. The parents can help their 1st graders practice math facts and be ready for future assignments. Solidifying the basic concepts in the 1st grade can help prepare your child to understand the core maths and its principles.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 1st Grade Math Online School Curriculum?

The 1st grade ESL learners should be motivated to grasp the fundamentals of math and keep up with the pace of the 1st grade. To help students do that, the course lessons should be made more enjoyable and easy to understand.

The fun factor can be instilled in each lesson by using interactive multimedia sources, engaging animations, funny characters, and more. With such a fun-filled learning process, students will be able to embrace the concepts easily and quickly. The 1st grade math curriculum builds upon the kindergarten’s math curriculum and forms a base for 1st grade math fluency. As per the 1st grade math curriculum, your child will be able to perform addition and subtraction and will be able to identify patterns, shapes, and more.

At Let’s Read English, we focus on providing the best curriculum for your child. Our 1st grade math curriculum is flexible and aimed at 1st grade ESL learners. The course is extensive and can be learned at a child’s own pace. The child can re-access the lessons multiple times to master the concepts. The program also provides tools for parents so that they are aware of and keep track of their child’s progress.

Here are some of the reasons why the Let’s Read English 1st grade math curriculum can be used as a full-time curriculum or as a supplement:

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • Our curriculum is perfect for ESL learners and is in line with all the state and national standards.
  • We have an automated grading and reporting system that helps parents to keep track of their child’s progress easily.
  • Parents can make use of our activity planners and curriculum calculators to create specific schedules and learning plans for the entire year.
  • We provide detailed lesson plans for each chapter in the beginning so that parents and students know what to aim for.
  • We provide students with plenty of opportunities to practice the lessons taught through fun-filled activities.
  • As a full-time curriculum, Let’s Read English’s 1st grade math curriculum consists of learning material for the entire year. This includes multiple chapters and hundreds of activities.
  • We provide students with printable worksheets to enhance their online learning and writing skills.
  • Students can retake assessments multiple times and parents can track their child’s progress.
  • The program is available 24/7 and can be accessed online. This means that ESL learners can access the course anytime and from any place. The 1st grade math curriculum is thus perfect for afterschool learning.
  • Your child can access the course material of the previous grade and also of the next grade for revision and advanced learning respectively.
  • Our flexible curriculum can be used as a summer learning program.
  • The course is fully online and thus reduces the extra cost of expensive tutors and stationery.
  • Students can focus on concepts they feel are hard to deal with and can skip the concepts they know of.
  • Parents and students can quit the program anytime since there’s no contract involved.
  • Students can feel comfortable and learn the concepts at their own pace. 
  • Students can take the lessons, quizzes, and assessments multiple times until they have mastered the concepts.