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2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

This is where Let’s Read English begins to build reading, writing, listening, and reading skills in children. They will also get to understand the link between words, letters, and sounds. Here, we’ll help them figure out the meaning of new words. Most importantly, we will build a solid foundation for them.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the course, the topics covered in it, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculum is your best choice.

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What Language Arts Concepts Should a 2nd Grader Know?

This course aims to help children get a good grasp of phonemic awareness. They will begin by writing short sentences and reading simple stories. Poetry isn’t left out. Our students will also get to read some poems as well.

Here are some of the skills we want to build in 2nd graders:

  • Ability to answer questions on stories that have just been read to them.
  • Figuring out the proper pronunciation of strange words.
  • Identification of the main topic in a text.
  • Ability to read and understand articles, fables, and stories.

To make the lessons interesting and engaging to 2nd graders, we offer interactive and gamified activities. So, our children can learn with fun. Find out more on Let’s Read English’s 2nd grade language arts scope and sequence and 2nd grade language arts lesson plans.

Reading Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

This curriculum hopes to give 2nd graders the skills to read and comprehend without any assistance. After reading, they should also be able to explain what they have just read in their own words. This will help gauge their level of understanding. Even when there are a few strange words in the texts, they should be able to get the overall message in the texts.

On that note, here are some of the objectives of the course:

  • Ability to decipher the message in a text and recognize the writer’s point of view.
  • Identification of the meaning of phrases and words as used in texts.
  • Ability to determine the plot, setting, and characters based on the information given in a text.

Find out more information about Let’s Read English’s online school reading curriculum.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

Students are taught how to communicate coherently and clearly. They should be able to write sentences that are clear. That’s why Let’s Read English takes them through writing process.

Find some of the writing objectives of 2nd grade curriculum below:

Teenage girl reading students book
  • Ability to write a clear piece of text.
  • Ability to gather relevant information from a text to answer a question.
  • Being able to write different types of texts.

You may want to learn more about our online writing curriculum.

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 2nd Grade

Without a good grasp of grammar, it will be difficult for students to read and write well. Therefore, students need to improve their grammar as well. They should be able to compose grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs.

Here are some of the concepts that 2nd graders should master:

  • Knowing the differences in incomplete and complete sentences.
  • Identification and the proper usage of parts of speech.
  • Spelling of words.
  • Proper usage of punctuations.

Find out more about Let’s Read English’s grammar online school curriculum.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum?

This curriculum builds the foundational skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We also build students grammar and vocabulary. Lessons are presented with colorful animations that sometimes include short but catchy songs. The songs are also used to pass educational messages.

Let’s Read English’s online school language arts curriculum allows students to progress at their individual paces.

Families have been enjoying Let’s Read English educational system because its lessons are interactive and engaging. Students get numerous opportunities to practice their knowledge and skills. Even parents have tools that will make it easy for them to plan, organize, and monitor their children’s learning process.

Here are some reasons to consider Let’s Read English’s curriculum:

Classmates at lesson
As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • The curriculum will stimulate your child’s interest and reinforce his knowledge and
  • Our curriculum calculator and activity planners will help students and their parents plan their programs and also keep track of the progress.
  • Lessons can be organized with graphic organizers.
  • Lessons are filled with technical terms to help students build their
  • The curriculum will broaden students’ knowledge about places in the world and diversity of cultures and beliefs.
  • Let’s Read English’s system offers automated recordkeeping features and grading
  • Lessons are supported with projects and writing assignments to build literacy skills.
  • Develops students’ knowledge on transformation of the ancient world into contemporary world.
  • Parents have the liberty to customize the curriculum.
  • Also, students can progress at their individual paces.
  • Students have the option to repeat lessons and even retake tests and quizzes
  • Lessons, quizzes, and tests can be retaken multiple times until mastery is achieved.
  • Every lesson begins with a warm-up activity.