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2nd Grade Online Lesson Plans

2nd Grade Online Lesson Plans

Parents who are new to online schooling are always anxious about lesson planning. The good news is that they don’t have to worry any longer since Let’s Read English has provided lesson plans for all grades and 2nd grade isn’t an exception. We have lesson plans for social studies, science, language arts, and math.

Furthermore, we recommend that parents should go through the lesson plans before the program begins. They will know what to expect. Having the lesson plans gives you the liberty to select the topics to teach and decide when to teach them.

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How to Make a Lesson Plan for Second Grade

Let’s Read English gives all lesson planning for 2nd-grade students to enable parents to focus on other important aspects of the program. However, we allow parents to modify the plans to suit the needs of their children.

Here are some tips for creating your lesson plans.

  • There should be activities after each lesson to assess students’ level of understanding.
  • Every lesson should have a timeline.
  • Allow students to ask questions after every lesson.
  • Teach your students verifiable facts.
  • Begin each lesson with a proper introduction.
  • Map out an outline for the lesson and include the academic materials that would be used for the lessons.
  • The lessons should all have clear objectives.
  • Conclude every lesson with a recap of what was taught.

2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Math

For math, every 2nd grader will build on what they learned in kindergarten. Here, the numerical foundation they learned in 1st grade will be developed. Students will also learn to interpret, measure, and compare data. The special focus will be on fluency with math facts.

This curriculum has almost 20 chapters with more than 200 lessons, assessments, and activities. Here are what the lesson plans contain:

  • Subtraction and addition of money
  • Estimation of sums and differences
  • Vertical and horizontal lines
  • Temperatures and Seasons
  • Using zero as a Placeholder
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2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

Here, students will improve their reading, summarizing, and decoding skills. This is where they’ll begin to write simple essays or stories. Also, they’ll be introduced to grammar laws, rules, and conventions.

Let’s Read English has developed lesson plans that have more than 30 chapters and about half a thousand lessons, assessments, and activities. Here are some of what you’ll come across in our curriculum:

  • Clues to context
  • Identification of cause and effect
  • Words ending with -ing
  • Singular and plurals
  • Suffixes and prefixes
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2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Science

In science, we expect 2nd graders to understand the basics of scientific inquiry and the processes involved. We’ll also put them through the steps required in conducting a scientific investigation. Furthermore, we’ll teach them magnetics, matter, weather, and life science.   

According to our lesson plans, our 2nd-grade curriculum has almost 200 lessons, assessments, offline projects, games, and other engaging activities. Here are some of the topics in our curriculum;

  • Earth’s Crust
  • Sources of Energy
  • Animal categories and classes
  • Offline STEM Skills
  • Water Cycle
Chemistry laboratory for science experiments depicting part of the science curriculum

2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Social Studies

In social studies, 2nd graders will be introduced to the rights and responsibilities of citizens. We’ll also teach them the importance of and how to use a globe and a map. They’ll be familiarized with the US symbols. They’ll also learn about different jobs and the importance of those jobs.

Here are some of what 2nd graders will learn in social studies:

  • Different continents and their peculiarities
  • Giving back to the community
  • Helping the needy
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What is Included in Let’s Read English’s 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

As a parent, you have access to your child’s curriculum. These are some of the information given in the curriculum:

  • A detailed description of every lesson
  • Additional chapters for each subject
  • Worksheets and other materials to be used
  • Activities, quizzes, and tests.

There’s a planning area in the parents’ dashboard. It helps to plan the whole school year. If you want to customize your child’s lessons and activities, you can achieve it through your dashboard.