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3rd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

3rd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

This course builds on what students learned in previous class. It focuses on improving their grammar and writing skills. We also expect our students to be able to compose longer sentences with more complex words.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the course, the topics covered in it, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculum is your best choice.

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What Language Arts Concepts Should a 3rd Grader Know

Basically, Let’s Read English’s third grade curriculum aims at taking student’s reading skills to another level. And since reading comprehension goes with reading skills, we will also help them develop their reading comprehension too. Some of the topics to expect are:

  • How to compare and contrast different types of information.
  • Introduction to suffixes, prefixes, and idioms.
  • How to demonstration comprehension in answering questions.
  • Ability to use capitalizations and punctuations properly.
  • How to use transition words.
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Find out more about Let’s Read English’s 3rd grade language arts scope and sequence here.

Reading Goals/Objectives for 3rd Grade

We break down texts into simpler forms and we encourage students to read the texts, analyze them, and answer questions on them. Here are the other objectives of the course.

  • How to differentiate the main idea from supporting details in a text.
  • Introduction to fables, poetry, fiction, and other literary works.
  • Determination of the meaning of words with the use of context clues.
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Find out more details about Let’s Read English’s reading curriculum and how your children can make the best use of it.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 3rd Grade

Let’s Read English will help students develop their vocabularies and also write longer texts. We will also work towards making our student’s write-ups more concise. Find additional objectives of the course below.

  • Putting students through the writing process from planning to publishing.
  • Teaching them how to write narratives, informative pieces, opinions, and other kinds of texts.
  • Putting events in narratives in a chronological order.
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Find out more information about Let’s Read English’s  online writing course.

Grammar Goals/Objectives for 3rd Grade

We will ensure that students in this class are able to follow grammar rules to be able to communicate (orally and in writing) clearly and effectively. Let’s Read English’s curriculum covers the following.

  • Ability to write different types of sentences.
  • Getting to know nouns, verbs, pronouns, and other parts of the speech.
  • Mastery of the use of capitalization, punctuations, verb and noun forms.
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Find out more details about our  online school grammar curriculum.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s Third Grade Language Arts Online School?

This course reinforces prior knowledge and also dovetails into more advanced concepts. What makes this program important is that students need to master reading comprehension so that they can understand other courses.

We make the lessons highly engaging and interactive. Also, parents that want to be actively involved in their children’s learning can make use of our numerous printable worksheets.

These are some of the reasons why your child is better off with Let’s Read English’s curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • There are activity planners that allow parents to plant the activities of their child.
  • The curriculum has more than 300 activities grouped into more than 19 chapters.
  • The course materials are presented in sequential order so that each lesson dovetails into the next one.
  • Many of the activities are assessed and scored. In addition, there are tests and quizzes. All these make it easy for you to track your child’s performance.
  • There are many stories and other types of essays to improve your child’s reading skills.
  • The lessons are done online and they are available 24/7.
  • Students have the liberty to redo any activity and retake any test until their performance satisfies their parents.
  • Access to 2nd grade language arts allows students to review previous material if need be.
  • For the purpose of revision, students in this grade have access to 2nd grade materials.
  • Students can take only the lessons they need and skip the rest.