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3rd Grade Online Lesson Plans

3rd Grade Online Lesson Plans

Let’s Read English has provided 3rd-grade lesson plans for social studies, science, language arts, and math. These plans make it easy for you to track your children’s progress and keep students organized. Here are the plans:

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How to Prepare a Lesson Plan for Third Grade

It is needless to keep stating the importance of having a lesson plan. To make a lesson plan for 3rd grade, you need to follow the tips listed below. They are what Let’s Read English applies and recommends.

  • Every lesson should end with an assignment. It helps to gauge students’ level of understanding.
  • Create a schedule for your lessons.
  • Allow students to ask questions after every lesson and try to answer every question thrown at you.
  • Always differentiate facts from opinions and theories.
  • Begin every lesson by stating the objectives of the lesson.
  • You may start the lesson with questions as it will give you an idea of what your students already know.
  • End every lesson with a recap.
  • Write out the lesson in outline form and include any materials needed.

3rd Grade Lesson Plans for Math

Let’s Read English’s lessons cover more than 20 chapters and almost 400 activities. We also give students enough opportunities to practice and improve their skills. To make the lessons engaging, we present engaging activities and printable worksheets. Some of the topics taught in the lessons are:

  • Different angles and their characteristics
  • The basics of multiplication
  • Line and point symmetry
  • Introduction to equivalent fractions with models and number lines
  • Word problems
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3rd Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

In this grade, we focus on our students’ grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. The lessons consist of more than ten chapters and almost 200 activities. Some of the concepts that your child will learn are:

  • Introduction to paragraphing
  • Explaining and analyzing inferences
  • Finding the meaning of words and phrases in a text
  • Main idea and theme: fiction
  • Planning and drafting as parts of the writing process
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3rd Grade Lesson Plans for Science

In 3rd grade, we back lessons with hands-on projects that will allow students to apply their knowledge. Students will take part in more than 100 activities, which will consolidate their knowledge and develop their skills. According to the Let’s Read English’s lesson plans for science, students will learn about space, the Earth, different types of energy, and the following:

  • Variations and adaptations as a means of survival
  • Introduction to motion
  • Introduction to sound
  • How to quantify energy
  • Weather and climate
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3rd Grade Lesson Plans for Social Studies

Our lessons for 3rd-grade social studies cover topics like economics, geography, history, and others. Let’s Read English offers close to 10 chapters and almost 190 activities in our social studies lessons. Some of the topics include:

  • Functions of government
  • Exploration of southwest
  • Landforms and bodies of water
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Northwest passage
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What is included in Let’s Read English’s 3rd Grade Lesson Plans?

We don’t only teach students, but we also carry parents along to track their children’s progress. Let’s Read English’s 3rd-grade plans include:

  • Number of activities
  • Types of activities
  • Answer keys for printable worksheets
  • Description and objectives of every lesson
  • Title of every lesson and activity
  • Number of chapters, activities, worksheets, quizzes within each subject