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3rd Grade Online Math Curriculum

3rd Grade Online Math Curriculum

For third-grade math, we focus on only division and multiplication. Let’s Read English curriculum will introduce students to both operations and also go a little deeper.  We help students build a solid foundation. When they have a firm grasp of mathematical concepts at this Grade, it will be easier for them to master advanced concepts.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the course, the topics covered in it, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculum is your best choice.

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What Math Should a 3rd Grader Know?

Third graders should have tangible knowledge of division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. With the skills, they should be able to solve 2-step equations and other mathematical problems. We also expect third graders to be able to write large numbers up to one hundred thousand. Most importantly, they should understand the place value for each digit.

Here are some of the concepts that Let’s Read English’s curriculum will teach your children.

  • Addition of up to 4-digit numbers
  • How to round numbers up to the nearest hundreds and tens
  • How to solve math problems on measurements, money, and time
  • Subtraction and regrouping
  • Introduction to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.
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Check our 3rd-grade math scope and sequence to find out how to Let’s Read English’s math curriculum helps children achieve the objectives of this course.  

Math Objectives for 3rd Grade

Let’s Read English understands the objectives of this curriculum, and it has designed its curriculum to help students achieve the objective easily and with fun.

Here are some of the objectives of the 3rd-grade math curriculum

  • How to divide 2-digit numbers
  • Introduction to mental math
  • Interpretation of graphs and charts
  • Multiplication of 2-digit numbers
  • How to deal with fractions

To understand how we instill math skills in our students, you can check Let’s Read English’s curriculum.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 3rd Grade Math Curriculum

Our experienced teachers make extra efforts to ensure that all students meet and exceed their goals by the end of the program. You can be sure that our curriculum meets state standards. Also, our automated grading system, recordkeeping system, curriculum calculators, and activity planners help parents plan their children’s learning and keep track of their progress.

To make use of these tools, parents can log into the parent dashboard.

These are some of the reasons why your child is better off with Let’s Read English’s curriculum:

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As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • This curriculum is presented in a recommended order.
  • There are over 250 interesting, engaging, and interactive lessons. These lessons are grouped into chapters.
  • We have included animations and fun characters.
  • Our curriculum meets the standards in all states.
  • The self-paced format is perfect for all kinds of learning styles and allows students to progress at their own pace.
  • Some printable worksheets are available for some lessons. They’ll help with offline practice.
  • A multimedia-based curriculum is ideal for all types of learning styles and gifted students and those with special needs.
  • The program is available 24/7.
  • Our students have access to 2nd-grade math for revision purposes.
  • Since it is online, your child can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • The curriculum has detailed lesson plans so that parents can filter out some concepts.
  • Students can retake lessons, quizzes, and tests until their parents are satisfied.
  • Students have the liberty to skip lessons they have mastered and spend more time on difficult ones.