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3rd Grade Science Curriculum

3rd Grade Science Curriculum

In this Grade, we will teach students how to observe events and phenomena and investigate the cause with an experiment. Let’s Read English provides virtual labs for the experiments. We’ll teach our students new science concepts and also simplify complex studies for them. To make it easier for them to understand, we will refer to the relevant topics they learned the previous year. We will recall the concepts they learned in physical science, life science, space, and the Earth.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the course, the topics covered in it, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculum is your best choice.

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What Is Taught in Science in 3rd Grade?

Let’s Read English teaches students about ecosystems, magnetism, static electricity, and other scientific concepts. As we take them into the deeper world of science, we also help them develop their vocabulary of scientific terminologies.

We will also guide them on how to think like a scientist and also ask scientific questions. They’ll learn how to develop simple hypothesis from simple observations and then follow it up with an experiment to confirm their theories.

We understand that science standards vary slightly from one state to the other but be sure that Let’s Read English’s science curriculum meets the criteria in most states. Some of the topics in our 3rd-grade science course are:

  • Introduction to motion, friction, and gravity
  • Adaptations, the balance of nature, ecosystems, food chains, and the other aspects of ecology
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Sound, light, heat, and other forms of energy
  • Climate and weather

Get more details about Let’s Read English’s 3rd-grade scope and sequence for science to understand what your child will be taken through.

Science Objectives for Third Grade

As mentioned earlier, the standards and objectives of the science curriculum vary across states. Nevertheless, you can find out the objectives of Let’s Read English’s science curriculum below.

  • Erosion, weathering, and their relationship with the Earth
  • Making observation, data collection, recording of events, and making inference after experiments
  • How different organisms survive in their natural habitats
  • Introduction to the life cycles of animals and plants.
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Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 3rd Grade Science Curriculum

We teach 3rd graders through interactive activities and engaging lesson videos. In addition, we have also gamified some quizzes and tests. We encourage them to share their opinions and also ask questions.

Our automated grading and recordkeeping systems help parents to keep track of their children’s progress. Find other reasons to choose the Let’s Read English curriculum below:

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Our automated grading system and recordkeeping allow parents to track their children’s progress.
  • Parents can plan for the year with our activity planners and curriculum calculators.
  • The lesson plans offer information on every lesson.
  • We teach important science lessons with fun activities and hands-on projects.
  • Multimedia-based activities help students learn and build their science skills.
  • We subject our students to investigative activities to make them think like scientists.
  • We offer tons of valuable materials and other resources.
  • Lessons are available online 24/7.
  • The program is flexible enough for students to study at their paces.
  • The interactive format helps students with different learning styles build a solid foundation in science.
  • Since it is online, students can learn at home, on their beds, or while sitting on the patio.
  • Parents can monitor students’ performance in tests, quizzes, and other academic activities.
  • Students have the liberty to adjust grade levels to revise courses meant for the previous Grade.
  • Tests, quizzes, and lessons can be repeated until mastery is reached. second-grade science concepts or get a head start for fourth Grade.
  • No contracts and month-to-month billing means parents can start, stop or pause their membership at any time.