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5th Grade Language Arts Curriculum

This curriculum helps our students to build their skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension. It aims at consolidating what they learned in elementary grade. This year, students will learn a higher level of suffixes, prefixes, antonyms, synonyms, and more. In addition to that, they’ll also learn how to use transitions, correlative conjunctions, perfect verb tenses, and other topics.

This page gives you all the information on what your child will learn in this curriculum and the language skills every fifth grader should have.

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What Language Arts Concept Should a Fifth Grader Know?

In this Grade, students should exhibit mastery of their previous knowledge and learn new skills here. Fifth graders should be able to read different types of text and understand them. They should also be able to read questions, interpret them, and provide intelligent answers. Students should be able to write simple essays that are clear and devoid of spelling errors and grammatical blunders at this age and level.

We expect all the students of 5th-grade language arts students to be able to handle the following:

  • Make intelligent inferences from texts
  • Master the use of prefixes and suffixes
  • Be able to summarize a long story or text in a few sentences
  • Be able to use pronouns in objective and subjective forms
  • Master the use of thesauruses, glossaries, dictionaries, search engines, and other reference materials.

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Writing Goals/Objectives for 5th Grade

To improve their comprehension ability, build their fluency, and develop their vocabulary, students can read many information and literary texts.

Below are just some of the reading goals that fifth Grade language arts activities will help your child achieve.

Here are some of the goals and objectives of this curriculum

  • Identify and understand a writer’s angle of view in a text and compare the view with other points of view on the same issue.
  • Be able to analyze and interpret non-numerical data presentations like graphs and charts.
  • Be able to rewrite and summarize a piece of text without changing the message in the text
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Grammar Goals/Objectives for 5th Grade

We believe that students should be allowed to practice numerous times since they get better with each practice. Here are some of the grammar goals of our curriculum.

  • To improve students’ use of correlative conjunctions in a sentence. Examples of correlative conjunctions are neither/nor, either/or, and not-only/but-also
  • To help students master the use of perfect verb tenses
  • To master the use of italics, underscore quotation marks, and other punctuation

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Why Choose Let’s Read English’s Fifth Grade Language Online Curriculum

Students need to learn the arts of writing and reading and to master them. On the same note, they need to bring their comprehension and vocabulary skills to par as they head to middle school, and this is the Grade where they have to perfect their imperfections.

Let’s Read English’s fifth grade language arts curriculum gives them exactly what they need. The program meets the standards in all states. Also, our curriculum makes learning fun to students and since all our lessons are interactive, students get to participate, thereby cementing their knowledge.

The class can be taken as a core curriculum or as a supplement. Whichever option you eventually go for, find the benefits below.

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • There are activity planners that allow parents to plant the activities of their child.
  • The curriculum has more than 250 activities grouped into more than 15 chapters.
  • The course materials are presented in sequential order so that each lesson dovetails into the next one.
  • Many of the activities are assessed and scored. Also, there are tests and quizzes. All these make it easy for you to track your child’s performance.
  • There are many stories and other types of essays to improve your child’s reading skills.
  • The curriculum has several writing activities that help to improve students’ writing skills.
  • The lessons are done online, and they are available 24/7.
  • Students have the liberty to redo any activity and retake any test until their performance satisfies their parents.
  • Access to 4th-grade language arts allows students to review previous material if need be.
  • For revision, students in this Grade have access to 4th-grade materials.
  • Students can take only the lessons they need and skip the rest.