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5th Grade Online Math Curriculum

Math is essential to your child’s education. The higher students go, the more they need math. Every child needs math to sail through middle school and high school. Regardless of his chosen course, he’ll need math skills in college too. Unlike other subjects, lessons in math dovetail into one another. You can’t understand advanced math if you don’t understand the basic concepts.

This page gives you a breakdown of what to expect in Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade math curriculum and what every student in this grade should know in math.

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What Math Should a Fifth Grader Know?

In this Grade, a student should master the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of a whole number. He should also handle the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of mixed numbers, decimals, and fractions. Students in this Grade should also master money, rounding, numeration, and the metric system.

Here is a further breakdown of what your child should expect in this curriculum

  • How to compare area and perimeter of shapes
  • How to divide with a 2-digit divisor
  • How to compare and order fractions
  • Rounding up of numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand
  • The use of mental multiplication and partial products

Math Objectives for 5th Grade

As a 5th grader, some of the concepts that your child must master have been listed below. This is why you need to put him through an effective curriculum like ours. We have found a way to present these concepts to our students in engaging and fun ways. Since we have been operating for years, we understand the best way to take students to their full potential. At the end of the year, your child will be better equipped to move to sixth grade.

Simple child math calculation
  • The suitable applications of various formulas to solve temperature, capacity, weight, length, and other real-life problems
  • Understanding probability and be able to use it to predict the outcome of an event
  • The use of place value to add, subtract, divide, and multiply decimals

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 5th Grade Math Curriculum

Based on our online curriculum, the lessons are presented in an interactive and multimedia-based format to keep students engaged all through. Also, our students gain access to various study materials and other resources as they move forward in their lessons. They are given tests and quizzes to assess their level of understanding. Our record updates in real-time, so parents can log in and track their child’s performance.

This curriculum can be offered as a core subject or a supplement. Also, you can use the Let’s Read English summer learning tool to prevent your child from losing some of the knowledge he has already acquired.

These are some of the advantages of taking our fifth-grade math curriculum

As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • This curriculum is presented in a recommended order.
  • There are over 250 interesting, engaging, and interactive lessons. These lessons are grouped into chapters.
  • We have included animations and fun characters.
  • Our curriculum meets the standards in all states.
  • The self-paced format is perfect for all kinds of learning styles and allows students to progress at their own pace.
  • Some printable worksheets are available for some lessons. They’ll help with offline practice.
  • The program is available 24/7.
  • Our 5th-grade students have access to 4th-grade math for revision purposes.
  • Since it is online, your child can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • The curriculum has detailed lesson plans so that parents can filter out some concepts.
  • Students can retake lessons, quizzes, and tests until their parents are satisfied.
  • Students have the liberty to skip lessons they have mastered and spend more time on difficult ones.