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5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

This social studies curriculum helps students know more about the history of the country they live in. They also get to learn about neighboring nations and other parts of the world. The program also touches on various cultures and beliefs.

This page breaks our social studies curriculum down for your understanding

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What is Taught in 5th Grade Social Studies?

Here, we teach our students about the earliest societies like the Phoenicians and the Olmec civilizations. To make the lectures interesting, they are presented in chronological order. According to our curriculum, students will also learn about the Ancient Greek Empire and U.S. history.

Our students will also be taught a little of politics, economics, and geography to support social studies. These subjects make social studies complete.

Find some of the topics that await your child below

  • The purpose and functions of government (Political Science)
  • The works of Greek scholars like Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Pythagoras
  • The most prominent contributions of the Shang and Zhou dynasties
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5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

A top-notch introduction to Algebra 1 should mention graphing, solving equations, inequalities, percentages, integers, and more. Teaching Algebra 1 is not necessarily an overburden as long as you have the right curriculum by your side. Your students will start learning the topic in no time if the curriculum is exhilarating and appealing to them

Here are some guidelines to teach Algebra 1 for high school students:
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  • Utilize exhilarating videos to teach new and complicated concepts.
  • Solve problems step by step, clarify each answer, and make sure students understand every step.
  • Provide tons of opportunities for students to analyze and discuss completed problems as well as equations.
  • Employ real-world examples so that students can comprehend how to apply the concepts in real life.
  • Ensure your students know the sequence of PEMDAS operations (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.)
  • Ask students to practice completing the operations without using a calculator when they are not allowed to use one.
  • Guide students to systematize long problems to avoid errors such as creating a new line for each problem-solving step

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s Fifth Grade Social Studies Curriculum?

Although students all over the world find social studies boring, we have changed the dynamics. Right now, our students look forward to every social studies lesson. We make the subject enjoyable by making it interactive. Also, Let’s Read English allows the student to progress at their own individual pace.

These lessons are presented in a particular order, but parents have the liberty to change the order. Since all our curricula are work-in-progress, we constantly add new free supplemental unit studies on different topics to complement our social studies curriculum. That’s why our students find the lessons interesting.

The Let’s Read English 5th grade social studies curriculum is designed to be an addition in some states. However, it’s necessary to check the laws on online education. This will enable you to determine if our social studies curriculum meets the requirements.

Here are some of the benefits of Let’s Read English’s fifth-grade social studies curriculum.

Social studies books for ESL learners and a globe on a wooden shelf depicting social studies curriculum
As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Detailed social studies lesson plans offer information on each lesson and activity..
  • A self-paced curriculum allows students to take their time with challenging concepts and work with different learning styles.
  • The program covers essential historical events/periods and famous figures. .
  • There are comprehensive lesson plans and activities to be studied by parents.
  • This program has close to 500 activities, grouped under close to 20 chapters.
  • We have provided answer keys for quizzes and tests so that parents can test their child’s level of understanding
  • We recommend additional books and materials
  • We included the review of the previous social studies curriculum.
  • It’s taught online from the comfort of your home. And it is accessible 24/7.
  • Students can follow the suggested sequence or work on the lessons they need extra practice on.
  • It covers topics like world geography, the American Civil War, U.S. Politics, and more.
  • Your child can follow the recommended order of lessons or change it.