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6th Grade Online Lesson Plans

6th Grade Online Lesson Plans

When you come across a curriculum that has lesson plans, it means the job is half done. That’s why most parents prefer to put all their children through Let’s Read English’s curriculum. We have lesson plans for social studies, science, language arts, and math.

Apart from helping you plan your child’s program for the year, our lesson plan will also help your child to be organized.

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How to Prepare a Lesson Plan for Sixth Grade

We have given some helpful tips below for parents who prefer to create their own customized lesson plans. It will help to create a 6th-grade lesson plan.

  • Every lesson should have clear objectives.
  • Outline how you’ll take the lesson and include the materials you intend to use.
  • Include the date and time for each lesson so that students can prepare ahead.
  • Describe each topic and every topic that will be covered in each lesson.
  • List pre-lesson questions to ask your students to set them up for each lesson.
  • Every lesson should begin with information on the relevance of the lesson.
  • Leave ample time for asking questions after each lesson.
  • Every lesson should end with a summary/recap.
  • After summary comes assignments or assessments for you to gauge your students’ understanding.

6th Grade Online Lesson Plans for Math

Our lesson plans for math cover up to ten chapters and about 600 lessons plus their supporting activities. According to our plans, there are more than enough opportunities for students to practice what they have learned. Also, there are printable worksheets to guide their practices. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Dividing fractions
  • Experimental and theoretical probability
  • Exponents and square roots
  • Introduction to prime and composite numbers
  • One-step equations with decimals
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6th Grade Online Lesson Plans for Language Arts

Close up of a page in a grammar book with English written on it depicting English language Arts curriculum

In Let’s Read English’s lesson plans, the focus is on the constant improvement in reading comprehension, writing skills, grammar, and fluency. We also help students develop their vocabulary. Here are some of the topics covered in our plans:

  • Cause and effect
  • Composition writing
  • Elements of style
  • Latin and Greek roots
  • Plot, character, and setting

6th Grade Online Lesson Plans for Science

In our 6th grade lesson, our focus lies on animals, humans, and other living things. In other words, Let’s Read English’s lesson plans for science revolve around all forms of life. Here are the topics to expect:

  • Birds and mammals
  • Cellular respiration
  • Characteristics of life
  • Overview of plants
  • The reproductive system
Science Student Hand holding Colorful liquid on test tube

6th Grade Online Lesson Plans for Social Studies

Vintage pocket watch. Vintage background Concept of time history.

Our 6th-grade curriculum for social studies takes students to all the corners of the Earth through world history. Besides, we also teach 6th graders about the two World Wars, ancient empires and their rulers, geography, and the topics listed below.

  • Ancient rulers of Egypt
  • Geography of the Fertile Crescent
  • Greek philosophy and history
  • Life in the Americas
  • Monarchies in Austria, Russia, and Prussia

You can find more detailed information on the 6th-grade scope and sequence page.

What’s Included in Let’s Read English’s 6th Grade Online Lesson Plans?

Our lesson plans were created to keep parents in the loop of what their children are learning. That’s why we try as much as possible to carry parents along in whatever we teach. The information parents can get in our lesson plans are:

  • Number of activities
  • Type of activities
  • Description and objectives of every lesson
  • Title of each lesson and activity
  • Number of chapters, activities, quizzes for each subject