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7th Grade Lesson Plans

Choosing the best homeschool curriculum for this homeschool year involves understanding what will be covered in each of the 7th grade lesson plans. Let’s Read English breaks this down for parents in easy-to-understand charts for each core subject: math, language arts, science, and social studies.

We know that homeschool parents have a lot on their plate. Our aim is to take the stress and complication out of planning out 7th grade lessons. Let’s Read English has already mapped out a comprehensive, standards-based homeschool program that your student can dive into from the moment your subscription begins.

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How to Make a Lesson Plan for Seventh Grade

Some parents like to create their own lesson plans for other subjects they’d like to incorporate in their homeschool. For those parents looking put together their own lesson plans for seventh grade as a whole, or to include supplemental subjects here’s how you can start:

  • Decide on the length of your plan (full year, semester, quarter or month).
  • Create a timeline that includes the desired lessons.
  • Set a schedule for your lessons (weekly, daily)
  • Start a plan for each individual lesson (tools, materials, approach)
  • Set learning targets for each.
  • Get familiar with the recommended activities.
  • Gather the materials needed.
  • Evaluate your student’s mastery on each concept.

7th Grade Lesson Plans for Math

The Let’s Read English 7th grade lessons in math incorporate 25 chapters and over 570 individual multimedia activities. Your student learns all the fundamental math standards for seventh grade through a combination of animated lessons, instructional videos, quizzes and tests.

Topics covered in our 7th grade lessons include:

  • Reading and writing whole numbers and decimals in expanded form
  • Applying properties of rational numbers to solve problems
  • Solving real-world problems including discounts, simple interest, taxes, and tips
  • Finding the greatest common factor and least common multiple of two or more numbers
  • Solving and explaining problems involving perimeter, area, circumference
  • Comparing units of measurement within a system (metric or customary)
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7th Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

Over 200 video, multimedia activities, and interactive assessments are included in Let’s Read English’s seventh grade language arts curriculum to ensure that student instruction is varied and engaging. Students will focus on further advancing their writing, comprehension, and literature skills with a program that correlates to all state standards.

Topics covered in our 7th grade lessons include:

  • Applying their knowledge of word origins and word relationships
  • Identifying idioms, analogies, metaphors, and similes in prose and poetry
  • Determining the theme of a text as well as the author’s purpose
  • Organizing informative/explanatory writing by definition, classification, cause and effect, comparison and contrast
  • Quoting and paraphrasing information from sources
  • Understanding and using all parts of speech, including plural nouns, possessive nouns, verb tenses, adjectives, adverbs,
  • prepositional phrases, and conjunctions
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7th Grade Lesson Plans for Science

10 chapters with over 350 activities are included in our earth science curriculum, the recommended course for 7th graders.

Topics covered in our 7th grade lessons for science include:

  • Earth and its organisms.
  • The different minerals and their formation.
  • Plate tectonics, seafloor, volcanoes and erosion.
  • Structure and composition of Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Earth’s resources, land, energy, air, water and the human impact on each.
  • The solar system, planets and other objects.
  • Star systems and galaxies.
  • Space exploration.
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7th Grade Lesson Plans for Social Studies

Each one of our social studies courses for middle school include more than 7 chapters and anywhere between 300+ and 600+ activities per course to broaden your student’s knowledge of the world.

Lessons will vary depending on the curriculum you choose. But here’s a sample of what is covered in our world cultures and geography course, one of the recommended courses for 7th grade.

  • People and their environment.
  • Economic and political geography.
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in Africa.
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in the Middle East.
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in India and Southeast Asia.
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in Europe.
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in the U.S. and Canada
  • Physical geography and cultural foundations in Australia and Oceania.
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What Is Included In Let'sReadEnglish’s 7th Grade Lesson Plans?

One of the reasons that Let’s Read English is such a valuable homeschooling tool is because our curriculum takes care of all the lesson planning for an entire grade level. Our program requires no special preparation; your 7th grader can log in and begin learning from the first day of your subscription!

Parents can preview all the 7th grade lesson plans for each subject. Each one includes:

  • Name of each lesson and activity
  • Description and objective
  • Activity type (scored, non-scored, test)
  • Activity number
  • Number of chapters, activities, quizzes within each subject
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