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7th Grade Science Curriculum

7th Grade Science Curriculum

Let’s Read English understands how strong science knowledge has to be for students to go far. So, our science curriculum does not only meet and exceed state standards, but it is also infused with real-world scenarios and phenomena. Our 7th grade science curriculum is divided into 3 parts.

  • Earth & Space Science
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
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You can choose any of them for your child. Students can achieve the objectives of the 7th grade science course with any of them.


This page gives you all the necessary information on the course, the topics covered in it, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculum is your best choice.

What Do You Teach in Science in 7th Grade?

Let’s Read English teaches the three areas of science below but students have to study only one according to state requirements.

Science Objectives for 7th Grade

Every student in this grade should be able to observe, theorize, experiment, and develop reasonable explanations based on their individual inferences. That’s why our curriculum focuses on the topics below.

  • Functions of cell components.
  • How living organisms survive in their natural habitats.
  • Functions of all the organs in the human body.
  • Functions of all the systems in the human body.
  • How energy is detected.
  • The arrangement of elements on the periodic table.
  • Genetics in organisms.
  • Natural patterns and their explanations.
  • Sources of energy.
  • Understanding differences between weather and climate.
  • Differentiating climate from weather.
  • Vocabulary development with scientific terms.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 7th Grade Science Online School Curriculum?

Families have been enjoying Let’s Read English educational system because its lessons are interactive and engaging. Students get numerous opportunities to practice their knowledge and skills. Even parents have tools that will make it easy for them to plan, organize, and monitor their children’s learning process.

Also, students can either follow the recommend learning sequence or customize it and move at their individual paces. Lessons, tests, and quizzes can be taken multiple times until mastery is achieved.

Here are some reasons to consider Let’s Read English’s curriculum:

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As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • You can stop or pause your monthly-pay membership anytime.
  • Each of our courses offers more than 500 engaging and interactive lessons and other activities.
  • There are many optional courses for parents to choose from.
  • Let’s Read English’s lesson videos include closed-captioning to support students with special needs or ELLs.
  • Parents have the liberty to set preferred minimum passing scores for their
  • Grading and report preparation are automated, saving parents’ time and efforts.
  • The curriculum works for any schooling style as a supplemental program or as a full curriculum course.
  • The courses meet state standards.
  • We provide visually appealing and interactive materials and numerous projects that
    support students with different styles of learning.
  • It is a great supplemental course to reinforce students’ skills and
  • The program is available 24/7.
  • Lessons, tests, quizzes, and other activities can be repeated multiple times to achieve mastery.
  • Our interactive and engaging lesson videos will keep students motivated and engaged all the time.