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10th Grade Social Studies Curriculum

8th grade social studies usually focuses on the history of the United States, from exploration and colonization to the late 19th century. Let’s Read English auto-assigns U.S. history to 8th graders, however, parents have the ability to choose between these social studies courses for middle schoolers: ancient history; world history; civics, government and economics; world cultures and geography or U.S. history.

Learn more on what you should teach, what to include as part of your social studies objectives and how Let’s Read English’s 8th grade social studies curriculum can work for you.

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What Do You Teach in 8th Grade Social Studies?

Some of the topics for eighth grade social studies should include:

  • Creation and ratification of the constitution and Bill of Rights
  • State and local history
  • American expansion, immigration and slavery
  • The American Civil War and reconstruction
  • Civil rights expansion and social movements
  • Industrialization and the Great Depression
  • Inventions and advancements in communications and transportation
  • Contributions of American leaders to the war.

By default our program auto-assigns the U.S. history curriculum to 8th graders. However, parents have the ability to change it.

Learn more about Let’s Read English’s eighth grade social studies curriculum by checking out the 8th grade social studies scope and sequence and the 8th grade social studies lesson plans.

Social Studies Objectives for Eighth Grade

By the end of the year, your child should have a deep understanding of civic issues such as cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity, democratic values and more. Some of the objectives you can set include:

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  • Demonstrate understanding of the political, economic, and social characteristics of 13 colonies.
  • Accurately explain causes and effects of the Great Depression
  • Display knowledge about World War II
  • Explain the impact of inventions on American culture
  • Describe the impact of social movements on culture and legislation

Why Choose Let's Read English Eighth Grade Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum

Let’s Read English helps your child meet important objectives and build a number of important skills, including civic competence, critical thinking, how to become active and engaged participants in public life and more.

Whether you use the 8th grade social studies lessons as a full curriculum or as a supplement, the interactive, student-paced approach will help your child gain confidence and a thorough understanding of important events, people, concepts, and more.

Below are some additional benefits of Let’s Read English’s 8th grade social studies curriculum:

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As a Full CurriculumAs a Supplement
  • Our 8th grade social studies video lessons include closed-captioning to help with comprehension. Especially beneficial for ELLs and students with special needs.
  • Automated grading and record-keeping helps parents keep homeschool portfolios up to date and organized, while also saving them time.
  • Parents can access detailed lesson plans and homeschool teaching tools to review lesson content.
  • While we’re a computer-based program that uses dynamic and fun interactive lessons, members get access to tons of printables for hands-on activities.
  • Our activity planner and curriculum calculator helps parents keep their student’s lessons organized.
  • Curriculum aligns with social studies content standards for 8th grade.
  • Students can repeat lessons, quizzes and tests as many times as they like, until they feel confident they’ve understood the materials.
  • Lessons are taught through engaging stories and interactive activities that make learning fun.
  • Parents can follow the suggested sequence or customize the lessons based on their family’s individual needs.
  • Our 8th grade social studies curriculum is flexible, yet comprehensive that helps your child meet their learning targets.
  • The variety and entertaining quality of the activities keep children focused and excited about learning.
  • Students can access lessons 24/7, from any location making it perfect for afterschool or summer use.
  • Meets state and national standards for 8th grade social studies.