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9th Grade Online Lesson Plans

9th Grade Online Lesson Plans

Contrary to what many parents think, Let’s Read English curriculum comes with lesson plans and suggestions. However, the plans are subject to review and modification by parents. This is far better than allowing parents to start lesson plans from scratch.

If you want to close all your child’s learning gaps or you need a 9th-grade curriculum that can be trusted, we can help. Many parents have come to trust Let’s Read English’s 9th-grade curriculum. You’ll find all the necessary information on this page.

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How to Prepare a Lesson Plan for Ninth Grade

We recommend that parents plan their children’s lessons for the whole year, a single semester, for a month. It all depends on what suits you.  It is possible that some of our curriculum changes after planning. It is better to modify the plans and adjust to the changes.

To create an excellent 9th-grade plan, follow the tips below.

  • Every lesson must have a plan.
  • Determine the depth of the plan beforehand.
  • Break long lessons down into smaller durations.
  • Create objectives and evaluate them continuously.
  • Get familiar with all the recommended activities.
  • Gather the required material before lessons begin.
  • Incorporate the lessons into your schedule.

9th Grade Lesson Plans for Math

Our 9th-grade curriculum for math covers about ten chapters and more than 150 activities, tasks, and quizzes. We simplified our lessons so students can follow the instructions on their own.

Here are some of the concepts you’ll find in our lessons:

cropped shot of mother and daughter learning math
  • Solving equations with graphs
  • Probabilities and percentages
  • Solving real-life problems
  • Find the unknown
  • Fundamentals of Algebra
  • Polynomials and exponents

9th Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

Here, we will take students through several chapters and numerous engaging activities. Let’s Read English focuses on grammar, correct spelling, essay writing, and fluency in spoken words.

Find some of the concepts to expect in our lessons below:

Modern arts
  • Development of character
  • Continuous improvement in grammar
  • Variation of sentences
  • Literature review and analysis
  • Constant development of vocabulary
  • Plot and setting
  • Using a narrative voice to establish points of view (POV)
  • Proper spelling techniques
  • Spelling techniques
  • Reading comprehension

9th Grade Lesson Plans for Science

Let’s Read English’s curriculum for 9th-grade science contains ten chapters with more than 400 interesting and engaging activities. Biology takes most attention in our science curriculum, and you’ll observe that in the list of lessons for 9th graders below.

Group of students laboratory lab in science classroom
  • Differentiation and specialization of cells
  • Living organisms and their means of survival
  • The roles of humans in the environment and ecosystem
  • Genetics
  • How organisms relate with one another with regards to the flow of energy

9th Grade Lesson Plans for Social Studies

Let’s Read English gives tons of lessons and activities in U.S. history 1. It helps to broaden students’ knowledge of the history of the United States. Here are some of the lessons that have been selected for this curriculum.

Globe showing South America
  • The Revolutionary War
  • The civil War
  • The colonial resistance
  • Colonization
  • Settlements and expansion
  • Removal of Indians
  • Migration to America from different locations
  • The emergence and growth of slavery
  • The Mexican-American War

What is Included in Let’s Read English’s 9th Grade Lesson Plans?

We understand that parents are busy with work and other responsibilities, so many of them may not have the time to plan their children’s lessons. That’s why we took the burden off their back. They can decide to modify our plans, however.  So, when you join our platform, you’ll not only see our curriculum, but you’ll also see our lesson plans.

Here are Let’s Read English’s lesson plans for 9th grade

  • Students have access to extra chapters
  • Every activity has a number
  • Types of activities
  • Description of every lesson
  • Titles of lessons and activities
  • Number of chapters, quizzes, tests, and other activities

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