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9th Grade Science Curriculum

9th Grade Science Curriculum

This curriculum marks the beginning of the advanced aspects of your child’s education. So, Let’s Read English tries to lay a solid foundation with the curriculum. One course that takes a major part of 9th grade science curriculum is biology. Other courses in the 9th grade science curriculum are physics and chemistry.

This page gives you all the necessary information on the course, the topics covered in it, and why Let’s Read English’s curriculum is your best choice.

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Chemistry laboratory for science experiments depicting part of the science curriculum

What Do You Teach in Science in 9th Grade?

Out of the high school science courses, most students usually pick a biology curriculum.  And the curriculum covers all the topics below.

  • Basic understanding of how DNA replicates.
  • Blood typing
  • Different classes of animals, plants, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Basic scientific process from hypotheses to conclusion after experiments.
  • Cell structure and reproduction.
  • Lab reports completion.
Male high school teacher taking science class as per the science curriculum

Science Objectives for 9th Grade

Basically, science explains natural phenomena to students and the situations come in different forms. Here are some of the major objectives of 9th grade science curriculum.

  • Functions of cell organelles.
  • Making inferences and conclusion based on experimental evidence.
  • How to handle a microscope.
  • The differences between living and non-living things.
  • The use of inquiry process to explain natural processes and solve problems.
  • Completion of lab reports.
Biology class at high school lab

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s 9th Grade Science Online Curriculum?

We understand that teaching 9th grade science course may be difficult for parents as it requires deep science knowledge. That’s why our curriculum includes materials, tools, and tips to help students. Families have been enjoying Let’s Read English educational system because its lessons are interactive and engaging. Students get numerous opportunities to practice their knowledge and skills. Even parents have tools that will make it easy for them to plan, organize, and monitor their children’s learning process.

Also, students can either follow the recommended learning sequence or customize it and move at their individual paces. Lessons, tests, and quizzes can be taken multiple times until mastery is achieved.

These are some of the reasons why your child is better off with Let’s Read English’s curriculum:

As a Full Curriculum

As a Supplement

  • It gives parents liberty to customize their child’s high school science program.
  • The reports are automated and customizable, and this helps with updating portfolios.
  • Lessons are taught by certified and experienced teachers.
  • We use real-world applications to make the courses engaging, interesting, and immersive.
  • We include animations, diagrams, graphs, and charts to prevent lessons from being boring.
  • Students can make use of CloseReader, a tool used to highlight texts and add sticky notes.
  • We have included virtual labs which gives students opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned.
  • Interactive activities and virtual labs help to reinforce learning.
  • Our system makes it easy for parents to track the progress of their child.
  • Parents can start or stop the program at any time with no contracts.
  • Lessons are available and accessible to students 24/7.
  • The 11th grade science curriculum can be used as a summer course or for afterschool learning
  • Let’s Read English’s flexible system allows parents to change their child’s science courses.