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Accidental Online Schooler

Accidental Online Schooler

While some families already know from the get-go the right schooling method that is perfect for them “online schooling method”, others who have no intention of using this method suddenly started making research about this academic method. The phrase “Accidental online schoolers” consists of families whose kids were registered in conventional school (or those who had planned to register their kids), but because of some reasons decided to look for alternative academic method.

This page will enable you to loosen up when it comes to issues of online schooling when you find out that you are not alone in this process. Keep reading to find out more.

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What Is an Accidental Online Schooler?

Accidental online schoolers is a term formed by Let’s Read English to describe those people who adopted online schooling unexpectedly, and most times suddenly. For some reason, the conventional academic system didn’t work for these scholars; however, parents pick the online schooling method to solve this problem.

If this term “accidental schooler” describes your state, maybe you have not been ready or you’ve been inundated with the task of taking care of your children’s academic needs. There are others like you. Many families start the research of online schooling under less than the main situation, yet they discovered that the recourse is not only a progressive one but the method they choose to continue with as the best academic system.

Reasons Parents Choose to Online School

Even though the concept of online schooling gets to you lately, you probably have a lot in common with those who adopted this method unexpectedly. 

Here are some of the reasons for that:

  • A young learner with a mental or physical health problem that cannot be housed within a conventional classroom environment
  • A scholar with a distinguished learning style that is not properly addressed in school
  • The awareness that your school’s curriculum is not in line with your perspective
  • A talented scholar who is not getting the right education they required to excel from a conventional school
  • A warfare issue that is not treated properly (these include heavy drug exposure, bullying, school violence, drug abuse, etc.)
  • School budget problem that stops a scholar from getting proper service
  • A poor learner fit or poor tutor fit
  • Immoderate local/state/regional focus on systematic testing
  • Discontent with the scholar’s grade level or curriculum being used in the school and/or content

Benefits of Online Schooling

At first, when choosing online schooling as the alternative school choice, you might be worried about this distinctive academic path. But very soon you will learn to identify a lot of advantages that will be surprising as the concept of online schooling itself! In a little while, the question “Why should I homeschool?” will change to “Why shouldn’t I school online?”

Just like any academic option, homeschooling has its pros and cons, but here are some advantages that might astonish you:

Young college students studying together in a library
  • The option to match your online school objectives and strategies with your student’s unique learning style and interests
  • Shorter school day – teaching outside of combined academic model needs small developmental time, presents less interruption, and designed to meet the requirement scholars being taught using online schooling method
  • The freedom to scrutinize the various types of homeschoolingto know the best one that suits your family’s need, the online school scholar’s need, and the value system.
  • Distinctive bonding between students and parents; most online school parent’s outlines strong communication upon starting online school
  • The potential to develop a curriculum adaptation for special needsor other study methods.
  • Increment in self-reliance thinking because of the chance scholars have to take more part in their study
  • The capability and time for online school scholars to dream bigby chasing on their passion, interest, and talent with more focus

Most times, these “accidental online schoolers” change to “deliberate online schoolers” when they notice the importance of personalized, flexible education has on their children. As a matter of fact, these members mostly turn out to be online school’s most active advocates!

Another importance of new homeschoolers that might be totally surprising is the volume of information available to them. Experienced homeschooling parents are normally ready to support other parents who are struggling with online schooling strategy. That’s when you need to check out the “Welcome to Online School Guide”. This thorough e-book, written by professional online schoolers, contains everything you need to know about online schooling from; getting started, to planning the study period, to the things to expect at different levels of online schooling

How Let’s Read English Helps Accidental Online Schoolers

When people choose online schooling unexpectedly or unintentionally, they not only need a curriculum that contains the foundation of education but also a curriculum planned to be simple to use and instinctive.

Let’s Read English is a useful resource to accidental online schoolers as it provides:

  • A standard-based and outstanding academic program for scholars from Prek to Grade 12 at an affordable price and with no contracts.
  • Curriculum that helps to retain scholars’ attention with visual classes, interactive programs, unit evaluations, and incorporated printable worksheets for strengthening what is learned.
  • The capability to register and start using the program immediately any time of the school year (or even summer).
  • No lesson plan or grade on the side of parents; Let’s Read English carters for homeschool recordkeepingso parents can pay attention to helping their children to adopt this new method of school.

As you continue in your quest for online schooling, there are more resources and help that you might want to know about.

  • Online Parent’s Forumand Parent Facebook Group: Join online schoolers in your locality, be part of the conversation, ask questions, and exchange ideas on our excellent online forum of online schooling parents. The help of expert online schoolers will make your online schooling journey a smooth one.
  • Homeschool Extracurricular Activities: Find out more academic options your child will benefit from while schooling online.
  • Videos for New Homeschoolers: You can increase your confidence with this new schooling alternative by checking the tricks, video tips, etc.
  • Tips and Advice for New Homeschoolers: Let’s Read English blog have helpful content that guides members during their first phase of online learning. Just check the archives and read some posts that solve your problem.