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Our expert team of developers will take care of building your professional image.

"This is a time of top notch discovery and tremendous growth"

At Let's Read English, professional instructors will be expected to embrace the concept of being part of a community of like minded tutors.

Let's Read English is a full service provider for independent instructors. We provide our teacher community with a state of the art learning management system and platform. The platform is already supplied with a variety of high quality curriculums, student preview lessons, assignments plus audio and video resources. Our curriculums range from grade levels PreK to Business English with unique courses in photography, videography and art.

As part of this community, and according to your membership, Let's Read English will provide the teacher with many benefits to help you become independent. We will provide a corporate email address (which is not banned internationally), web and social media presence. Additionally, the instructors will have the opportunity to be included in our worldwide marketing strategy for additional exposure. Our affiliate program is structured to bring students to our community of teachers. We are not a school but a teacher management service that offers the necessary feel of a community, marketing and technological skills and tools to become a well sought out ESL or non ESL online teacher. As our instructors, you will be expected to embrace the concept of community by collaborating with your colleagues who have heralded from across the country and around the globe. They will challenge you to consider perspectives that are different from your own while becoming lifelong friends who will inspire you to be your authentic self in everything you do.

Ten years ago, I set forth a vision for Let's Read English that was rooted in the importance of character and community. Although my vision was meant for an education institution, today’s teacher community embodies those values in a way that I have never seen before in any teacher community. The culture of Let's Read English is kind and accepting. If you want to be exposed to an incredible breadth of programs, be challenged in your endeavors both in and outside of the classroom, and feel welcomed and a part of something bigger than yourself, then this is the place for you.


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