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Algebra I Curriculum

Algebra I Curriculum

Students in high school usually will be introduced to Algebra 1. Even though some of them may learn the topic in eighth grade, but it is depending on their mathematics skills. The curriculum of Algebra 1 will formalize and develop their knowledge in particular areas such as the relationship of linear and exponential, elucidatory statistics, quadratic functions, and more.
You will find useful information below about our curriculum of Algebra 1 for homeschool, learning goals that you can determine to make sure your students can master these skills, and more.

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Teaching Methods of Algebra 1

A top-notch introduction to Algebra 1 should mention graphing, solving equations, inequalities, percentages, integers, and more. Teaching Algebra 1 is not necessarily an overburden as long as you have the right curriculum by your side. Your students will start learning the topic in no time if the curriculum is exhilarating and appealing to them

Here are some guidelines to teach Algebra 1 for high school students:
  • Revise previous knowledge before learning a new lesson to decide if it is necessary to review prior concepts.
  • Utilize exhilarating videos to teach new and complicated concepts.
  • Solve problems step by step, clarify each answer, and make sure students understand every step.
  • Provide tons of opportunities for students to analyze and discuss completed problems as well as equations.
  • Employ real-world examples so that students can comprehend how to apply the concepts in real life.
  • Ensure your students know the sequence of PEMDAS operations (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.)
  • Ask students to practice completing the operations without using a calculator when they are not allowed to use one.
  • Guide students to systematize long problems to avoid errors such as creating a new line for each problem-solving step

The Learning Goals of Algebra 1

The significant targets of Algebra 1 are to expand the efficiency of working with linear equations, prolong their knowledge of irrational numbers, familiarity with tables and graphs as well as assist them to make relevant connections with real-life experience. Besides, the course of Algebra 1 should provide inquiries and central points on big ideas.
Every lesson of Algebra 1 should be the goal for students to achieve. For example:
Set of geometry tool
  • Identify the domain and range of functional relationships.
  • Define the slope and y-intercept of a linear function.
  • Invent definite value equations as a sample and resolve problems.
  • Resolve a system of linear equations by using substitution.
  • Assess a quadratic function by using tables, graphs, and equations.
  • Create sensible approximate by using rational and irrational numbers.
  • Simplify accurate numerical expressions that contain square roots.
  • Manage to find the common monomial factors of polynomials

Why Choose Homeschool Curriculum of Algebra 1 from Let's Read English?

The curriculum of Algebra 1 focuses on five acute areas which are relationships between quantities and consideration with equations, relationships of linear and exponential, elucidatory statistics, expressions and equations as well as quadratic functions and modeling.
The online course of Algebra 1 in Let’s Read English teaches some important concepts by using an appealing multimedia-based method. We employ interactive appliances, high-quality graphics, animation, and imitations to aid students to envision abstract concepts and obtain a deep comprehension of the material.
Here are some purposes why thousands of families choose the curriculum of Algebra 1 for high school by Let’s Read English:
As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • On-screen teachers will use novel teaching methods as well as a real-world environment to engage students in the lesson and implement mathematical concepts in circumstances.
  • Provides more than 400 activities where students employ interactive appliances to explore properties of geometric figures, complete geometric constructions and, more with instant feedback.
  • Automated assessment and tracking system can track your students' progress and saves reports for homeschool portfolio usage.
  • A bunch of excellent graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and simulations that aid students to connect and illustrate the content.
  • Performance assignments that enable students to demonstrate comprehension with valid, real-world applications.
  • Reaches national standards for tenth graders.
  • Our curriculum is a qualified autism resource by IBCCES and it ensures students with special needs get support.
  • Promote inquiries and focal points on big ideas. Every lesson contains an
    assisting lesson question.
  • A Student Note-Taking can be downloaded to support lesson adherence
    and exam preparation.
  • A graphing calculator and a Geometry Handbook are accessible for
  • Students can log in to a safe, secure, and advertisement-free online learning environment which accessible 24/7. It is suitable for after-school skill-developing and summer learning.
  • A varied group of experienced teachers conducts students through
    the content which is the mixture of meticulous direction and modeling of
    significant skills.
  • Impressive visuals, written, oral, and direct materials to engage various
    types of students.