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An Interactive STEM Curriculum

Science4Us - An Interactive STEM Curriculum

Science4Us prepares an interesting and interactive STEM curriculum for online school students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The curriculum is established to provide students a reasonable starting point of science skills and knowledge by using a standard-based educational program. It also offers four primary content areas along with learning modules. Every module is designed from the 5E teaching model, including online activities and manual investigation activities.

Are you interested in joining Science4Us? It is accessible as the primary elementary science curriculum from Let’s Read English. The only route for parents to acquire Science4Us is using a membership to Let’s Read English, an online curriculum for students from preschool to twelfth grade. Our curriculum employs a standard-based and interactive method as well as the predominant subjects and extracurriculars. Let’s Read English supplies tools that can make record-keeping and tracking students’ development easier. They also keep them active and study during the learning session. They can learn with Let’s Read English at any time since it is accessible 24/7 and 365 days per year to fit in with any online school lifestyle.

The elementary science curriculum from Let’s Read English contains more than 350 interactive activities and tons of manual project ideas. Our curriculum also consists of lesson plans so that you can assist your children in obtaining the results of their science experience. Choosing Let’s Read English as a science curriculum simplified the learning process for both you and your children. Our online schooling science has never been this easy!


The Curriculum of Science Elementary

Let’s Read English’s science curriculum emphasizes building a strong educational fundamental in science and mathematics in the early years for students from kindergarten to third grade through the STEM experience. Students can access a complete science curriculum paired with online and offline activities as well as inquiry-based investigation.

What are you waiting for? Let’s Read English provides a 14-day refund guarantee and you can stop, start, or pause your account at any time. Sign up today and make sure the academic success of your child with a strong basis in science. It will never disappoint you!