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Art History I Curriculum for High School

Art History I Curriculum for High School | Let's Read English

The art history curriculum from Let’s Read English is usually offered as an elective course in high school. The art history course presents an overview of art throughout history for students as to how the name implies. Students will examine art and how it developed over different periods as well as various parts of the world. 

This article provides more information about the art history curriculum for online schools from Let’s Read English, what is the importance of studying art history, what do your children learn throughout the course, and more.

What is the Importance of Studying Art History in High School?

There are several reasons why the study of art history is important for high school students. Learning art history enables students to acquire an in-depth comprehension of art and discover more than just the aesthetic of a specific work. It provides exposure to other human beings such as literature, music, philosophy, and more even though they have no interest in art. 

Students also can learn about different cultures from various parts of the world and make significant connections as they appraise the works of art. Moreover, they will gain knowledge about a variety of historical events and how they influenced the creation of art at the time.

What Do Students Learn in High School Art History?

High school students will learn about different aspects of art throughout the art history curriculum from influential artists such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo to styles like Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo.

Students will examine the art throughout different periods starting with the Middle Ages along the way to modern times. They will also learn to identify artistic styles, discuss techniques, scrutinize sculptures and paintings, evaluate differences, and more throughout the course. 

The art history for online school will also take students to different countries in Europe, Asia, and America so that they can acquire knowledge about contributions and unique artistic features of each region.

Why Choose Art History I Curriculum for High School from Let's Read English?

The art history curriculum from Let’s Read English educates students through interactive lessons and exhilarating activities. The material is introduced in chronological and historical order as well as assists them to acquire comprehension and appreciation for art through historical, geographical, political, social, and religious contexts.

Other than offering a complete art history curriculum, here are more reasons to choose a high school art history course from Let’s Read English:

  • The year-round course with seven chapters and more than 300 lesson activities provides a thorough overview of art throughout history.
  • Students can visualize content easily with the help of excellent graphics, charts, diagrams, animations, and interactive tools.
  • Students can reinforce their writing skills and save their parents time by using electronically-graded writing assignments.
  • Students can log in any time from any device with an internet connection as it is accessible 24/7.
  • Student-pace method allows students to progress at their own pace and take their time with difficult concepts.
  • Interesting videos, printed materials, note-taking guides, and other tools are prepared to involve various types of learners.
  • Students can obtain further comprehension and improve their grades by repeating lessons as well as retaking tests and quizzes.
  • Students can plan their year and work on their own with an activity planner and curriculum calculator. 
  • Closed-captioning is added in video lessons to support students with different learning needs.
  • Detailed lesson plans prepare information on every activity as well as allow parents to preview lessons.
  • Comprehensive curriculum can be employed as your main online school curriculum, after-school skill building, or summer learning.