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The biology curriculum from Let’s Read English is one of three science courses that available at the high school level. Students can anticipate learning a variety of concepts throughout the course such as comprehension of cells, genetics, viruses, the human body, and more.

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What Topics Need to Be Taught in High School Biology?

Literacy in science is an essential part of all citizens in our modern society. The biology curriculum for high school should emphasize involving students actively with the world around them. They should acquire comprehensive knowledge of the different living organisms as well as the environment they live in to protect effectively, maintain or improve the natural environment.

When choosing a biology curriculum for your high school student, you must ensure that it teaches the following topics:

  • Interactions between organisms and their biophysical environment.
  • The building blocks of life.
  • Cell biology and cellular processes.
  • Molecular genetics and heredity.
  • The structure of a human being.

The Learning Goals of Biology

The biology of high school will teach students about the fundamentals of life as well as challenge them to complete labs, record findings, and walk through the scientific process from the beginning until the end. Students must obtain real-life science experience with nature studies, postmortem, and microscopic slide kits. Some of the learning goals that you will achieve throughout the lesson include:

Male High School Tutor Teaching Students In Biology Class
  • Describe the characteristics of living things accurately.
  • Explain the flow of energy between organisms in an ecosystem.
  • Determine the human impact on the environment.
  • Identify the scientific differences between living and non-living things.
  • Exhibit the working knowledge of DNA and genetics.
  • Comprehend the differences in blood types.
  • Know how to conduct a postmortem.
  • Comprehend the molecular basis of heredity.
  • Comprehend and elucidate the fossil record.

Why Choose the Biology Curriculum from Let's Read English?

The biology course from Let’s Read English is instructed by using the incorporation of multimedia lessons, teaching videos, quizzes, examinations, as well as both online and offline assignments. Students will acquire an in-depth comprehension of various topics and learn how to use models to describe the different processes of living things such as photosynthesis, energy flow, and more.

The online school program offers plenty of practice and activities to ensure students interacting with the online biology course. Here are several reasons why most families choose the biology curriculum for high school from Let’s Read English every year:

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • The biology course is instructed by using the incorporation of multimedia lessons, teaching videos, quizzes, examinations.
  • Parents can customize the lessons to exclude certain activities that may not fit with their worldview.
  • The automated grading and accessible records provide a convenient alternative for busy parents.
  • Parents can give a minimum score for their students to repeat lessons that do not reach the minimum threshold.
  • Students are able to plan their own learning experience based on interest, pace, and learning style.
  • Most of our teaching lessons contain closed-captioning to ensure students with different learning needs are supported.
  • The biology course is flexible enough to suite with any kind of online school day from anywhere in the world.
  • The curriculum has a low monthly price, user friendly, as well as a refund guarantee so that parents can ensure it works for their child.
  • The curriculum offers attractive Virtual Labs along with students guides for support in finishing a Lab Report writing or reflection activity.
  • The curriculum covers traditional concepts in biology and it motivates observation of new discoveries.
  • Students have access to the lessons 24/7 at any time in a protected environment to make an ideal after school program.
  • The biology curriculum will be introduced in an enjoyable and secure environment through animated lessons as well as interactive lessons that keep students involved in
    the learning session.
  • Beneficial summer learning option to help students develop or work on complicated
  • The biology curriculum for high school from Let's Read English lines up with the state and national standards.
  • A large selection of written, spoken, and visually interesting materials to suit your student’s preferred learning style.
  • The self-paced program encourages freedom and decision-making for students as well as enables them to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Reading assignments employ the CloseReaderTM tool that allows students to interact
    with the text by highlighting targeted words or phrases and including intended sticky

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