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Business English Course online

Business English for Meetings, Presentations, and More.

The Advantages of Business English

Our Business English online course guides you to evolve the language required to converse effectively in the workplace. The course is created to give you the confidence you need to confront common business and professional situations. As a consequence of the course, you can get ready for some work experiences that include:
  • Join professional meetings and discussions
  • Demonstrate in English with confidence
  • Write relevant business correspondence
  • Implement English on the telephone confidently
  • Negotiate successfully
  • Communicate in various types of topics

Included in the price:

  • Unlimited lesson material access for six months
  • Learning content for more than 150 hours
  • Learning on any equipment at any time
  • Flexible online one on one meetings with your English professor (either 30 or 50-minute sessions)

*Reserve full-time English courses online within twelve months at the start of your online course, and we will give a discount on the cost of the course.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Inform us if you are not satisfied with your course within two weeks of the start date, and we will give you a refund (excluding the lessons already taken with our professors). Check out our terms and conditions for more information.

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