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Concepts in Probability and Statistics for High School

Concepts in Probability and Statistics for High School

This course is an elective high school course that teaches students the application of statistics to real problems. It is for students who need additional math credit but do not want to take advanced math classes like Pre-Calculus and Algebra II

This page explains the importance of the course, the topics covered in it, and the benefits of taking Let’s Read English’s probability and statistics curriculum.

Why Study Concepts in Probability and Statistics in High School?

This course introduces students to probability and statistics and their application to real-world situations. 
At the end of this course, your child will be able to apply the concept to his every day decision making. 
The course also helps students to judge the validity of the claims on each side of an argument. 

What Do You Learn in Probability and Statistics Class?

The class introduces students to the concepts and theories of probability. Then, it goes further into sampling and comparing of populations.  
The goals and objectives of the course are: 
  • Application of data distribution to the making and testing of hypotheses.
  • Application of probability theories to real-world situations.
  • Introduction to samples, measures of variability, and measures of central tendencies.
  • How to express the likelihood for certain events occurring.
  • Interpretation and the representation of the relationship between two variables with the aid of regression analysis and scatterplots.
  • Graphical representation of data.
  • Introduction to sampling and how it relates to populations.

Why Choose Let’s Read English’s High School Probability and Statistics Curriculum?

This course teaches students how to reason quantitatively and abstractly before making a decision. The  college-preparatory math elective covers the following topics:  
  • Nine chapters and over 300 engaging activities related to the probability and statistics concepts.
  • The activities are challenging and engaging to students.
  • The lessons and activities meet state standards for probability and statistics.
  • Our customer service & support team is awesome.
  • Our interactive lessons are guided by certified on-screen teachers.
  • Regular and numerous quizzes, tests, and assignments to gauge students’ understanding.
  • Parents can make use of our recordkeeping and planning tools to plan and track their children’s learning.
  • Our interactive lessons use video, printed material and virtual supports to keep different types of learners engaged.