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Conquer Math Anxiety

Conquer Math Anxiety

It is not uncommon to see that math leads to dread and anxiety among kids. Many kids feel anxious when math is taught in class. Additionally, their fear levels increase when they have to face a math test. This is what is called “math anxiety.” When kids cannot understand or solve math problems, they feel pressure from teachers and parents to perform. This creates a feeling of dread within the kids. Math anxiety is real and should be taken seriously. The anxiety creates panic within the kids and blocks their thinking ability and reasoning skills.

Treating math anxiety is not an easy task. To instill confidence in the kids, it is very important to take care of the fundamentals. To enhance the basic math skills, the fundamentals should be clear. Utmost care should be taken while teaching math to a kid with math anxiety. Such kids might require different methods or techniques.

The first step to relieve math anxiety is to lift off some of the pressure from kids. If the kids already feel threatened by the subject, they will never be able to learn it. Parents and teachers need to make sure that they interactively teach math to initiate the learning process.

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Use of technology to relieve math anxiety

One way to initiate math interest in kids is by using the computer. The computer is loved by kids and keeps them engaged. Using the Let’s Read English computer-based curriculum, math anxiety can be relieved to a certain extent.


Some of the key features of the Let’s Read English program are:

  • The students can go about learning the program at their own pace. They can revisit the lessons multiple times until they get clarification to their doubts.
  • The lessons are organized in a sequential order which makes the learning easier for kids.
  • Students have access to a grade level above and grade level below to review the lessons and build a flexible learning path.
  • Lessons are taught using animated characters and multimedia resources. This keeps the kids engaged and motivated.

The program has different techniques to help with the learning of a topic. So, if a kid is not able to understand a topic with one technique, another method can be used

Technology can uplift your child that even textbooks can’t do. Technology keeps the content interactive and brings the material to life. This can immensely help the students who dread and fear math. Technology can also help clarify the fundamentals using different teaching techniques, which can thus help the students with different learning styles. As technology is not human, it will never judge a student. This will ensure to boost the confidence of the students.

Learning Math at own pace

Let’s Read English focuses on both live sessions and recorded math sessions. With recorded sessions, the students can learn at their own pace at any time and any place. The chapters are broken down into small lessons and taught in sessions. Once a session is over, its recording is made available within the program dashboard, which the students can utilize. These recordings can be visited multiple times as per student needs to clarify doubts or check the summary. Once the session is over, the program also makes certain activities available related to the session. These activities can also be completed at the student’s convenience. Once these are completed, the lesson is said to be completed. The program also has an in-built mechanism to mark the lessons as completed.


Let’s Read English lessons are organized in sequential order and are taught in the same order. Each lesson builds upon what was taught in the last lesson. The activities make sure that the students have understood what is taught in the lesson. The interesting part of Let’s Read English is that as students move through different lessons and complete the activities, they receive automated grades and feedbacks. So, if a student answers a question wrong, he/she is intimated about the same, and a different technique may be used to explain the concept again. If the student answers correctly, an appreciation message is displayed with a sound, thus keeping the student motivated and engaged.


The crux is, using Let’s Read English, the students can work at their own pace and revisit lessons and activities at any time.

Technology brings math to life

Let’s Read English uses technology to help students learn math and other subjects. The program is an amalgamation of technology and human interaction. While lessons are taught live by teachers, they may also use the latest technology tools in between the sessions to explain certain concepts. These tools are integrated with the program. The program also promotes animated and multimedia resources for teaching purposes. This keeps the students engaged and involved.

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Let’s Read English uses an automated system to grade students based on their answers in activities. If the answer you provide is incorrect, the automated system highlights that and may use an alternative technique to explain the concept. The alternative technique can be repeated multiple times till the student grasps the concept. Thus, due to technology, the method of teaching has improved and become easier.

Technology helps with can-do attitude instead of resistance

Let’s Read English math curriculum offers a toolkit that consists of multiple tools to solve different math problems. The tools include algebra tiles, base ten blocks, counters, data representation, calculator, fractions, and more.


The Let’s Read English online math program is easy to follow and learn. Why? Because it uses technology to teach students. As part of the program, there are live sessions, recorded sessions, and related activities. While there are advanced technical tools used during the live sessions, these sessions can be revisited using recorded sessions. This means no human interference in between. It is only you, the online program, and the computer or related devices like mobile or tablet. The technology (computers, tools) does not care if you are making mistakes while answering the questions or are working at your own pace. It is impartial and non-judgmental. The most important thing with technology is that there is patience involved, which boosts students’ confidence in learning something. Where human interference comes into the picture, there is a possibility of resistance and loss of patience while teaching, but this can be completely skipped with technology. Thus, technology reinforces a can-do attitude instead of any resistance.

Math Lessons as per school learning standards

Let’s Read English math lessons are research-based. They make use of skill-building activities and instructions that align with traditional school standards.


When students become tired while taking lessons, they can choose from a collection of educational games to take a break. These games are available through the Let’s Read English playground. While the students are enjoying the games, they are also learning from them. Additionally, the parents can control how much time their child is spending on the playground.


The benefits available as part of the Let’s Read English online math program enable students to engage with the lessons and understand the concepts relatively easily.


Let’s Read English helps students with end-to-end learning. It has been found useful in improving grades and increasing concentration. The program is affordable and provides a two-week money-back guarantee, so there is no risk involved. Sign up now to know more.

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