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Corporate English Online Learning

Simplify eLearning

We offer top-notch courses in the English language for organizations. Our platform is established to help administrators as well as end-users to navigate and utilize the system effortlessly. Our development reporting equipment will help them track what users have learned, and it does not take a long time to set it up.

Our Services

  1. Learner Management System and Portals
    We have built our Learner Management System to detect your people’s engagement and development. Live detect activity with our powerful reporting system and customize our Learner Management System to your particular necessities. We provide full-training along with support that can help you to take advantage of your LMS. We also supply full API integration if your organization already has an LMS so that our platform can communicate to yours.
  2. Reserved Design
    We will create a portal for you by using colors and logos to design a premium branded platform that will enchant your users. We will cooperate with you to evolve interactive and pleasant reserved modules for your staff. We spend more time understanding your necessities to make sure that your company ethos and standards are reflected.
  3. Adaptable Content
    We are ready to help you if you have mature content and a clear idea of using the content or if you need us to guide you and produce an eLearning solution from scratch. We also have tons of ready-made modules that you can select to make untypical solutions.
  4. Blended Learning
    We incorporate online training programs with offline expertise to make your organizations’ learning session more advanced. We can expand our training reach by supplying students with virtual classrooms or live training to maximize participation and success.
  5. Scalable
    The software of our virtual classrooms can be utilized to deliver training for above 100 attendees at once. If you want to provide a training class on a larger scale, it is such a good idea to be in a physical classroom.
  6. Online Evaluation
    We provide a range of language evaluation services, from intermediate-level analysis to more rigorous language audits. Whether you need to assess a few people or have larger groups, our evaluation software supplies faster and dependable tests. Let’s Read English has solutions for all your problems. Reach out to us for more information.


The Advantages of Digital Learning

The Efficacious of the Cost

The cost of online learning is much more effective than offline training without having a physical location, adjustment, travel, textbooks, and teachers.


Digital learning has express delivery cycle times compared to offline training. Meanwhile, online learning technologies utilize examinations and quizzes to assess understanding faster.


You can provide training anywhere and anytime as you prefer. Regardless of where your trainees are or what time zone they are in, they can still access course materials at a time that suits them.

Trendy Content

Traditional printed textbooks are out-of-date and undependable since they were published. An active online platform enables content to be updated periodically, and students will get the most trendy materials.

Access to Expertise

The capacity of online learning means that highly specialized people in fields of study can share their knowledge with other students, regardless of geography.

An Advance Workplace

Companies become more globally focused, and colleagues tend to work in different places, if not on different continents. Distance learning can assist employees in preparing for a virtual office.