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Curriculum for Online Middle School

Curriculum for Online Middle School

Stylish Middle School Students

A middle school curriculum is designed to build on the knowledge students gained in elementary school while also introducing new topics and more challenging concepts in order to prepare students for high school level classes.


That is precisely what Let’s Read English’s online middle school program accomplishes, plus even more. The detailed program provides thousands of immersive lessons and engaging exercises in math, language arts, science, and social sciences that are all aligned with state requirements.


Our middle school online school program is adaptable to a variety of student types, learning preferences, and online schooling approaches due to its versatile, student-paced approach.

  • Middle School Math Curriculum
  • Middle School Language Arts Curriculum
  • Middle School Science Curriculum
  • Middle School Social Studies Curriculum
  • Why Choose Let’s Read English’’s Middle School Curriculum?

Curriculum for Mathematics in Middle School

Students will study more advanced concepts in middle school, including number meaning and operations, geometry and spatial awareness, data analysis, measurement, and probability. Utilize the links below to learn more about the Let’s Read English online middle school math program for each grade class.

Focus girl trying to solve mathematical equation
  • 6th Grade Math Curriculum
  • 7th Grade Math Curriculum
  • 8th Grade Math Curriculum

Curriculum for Language Arts in the Middle School

Students continue to work on a variety of critical learning skills during middle school, including fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. Students can also learn advanced literary analysis, logical reasoning, sentence structure, and other techniques. To read more about Let’s Read English”s middle school language arts curriculum, click the links below.

Pupils painting during art classes
  • 6th Grade ELA Curriculum
  • 7th Grade ELA Curriculum
  • 8th Grade ELA Curriculum

Science Curriculum for Science in Middle School

Usually, middle school science is split into classes that concentrate on different sciences. The online middle school science curriculum from Let’s Read English includes subjects such as the composition of the Earth, the geologic process, evolution, chemical formulas, and more. Engaging virtual laboratories are also included in the courses to assist students in applying what they’ve learned. The following is a list of Let’s Read English’s middle school science online classes.

Learning science
  • Middle School Life Science Curriculum
  • Middle School Earth Science Curriculum
  • Middle School Physical Science Curriculum

Curriculum for Social Studies in the Middle School

The social studies curriculum for middle school students encompasses a broad variety of subjects and concepts. Students may expect to learn about ancient civilizations, diverse cultures, geography, governance and politics, and the United States and world history, among other topics. The following is a list of Let’s Read English’s social studies middle school curriculum options

Hands with Earth planet
  • Middle School Ancient World History Curriculum
  • Middle School World History Curriculum
  • Middle School Civics, Government, and Economics Curriculum
  • Middle School World Cultures and Geography Curriculum
  • Middle School U.S. History Curriculum

Why Should You Use Let’s Read English's Middle School Curriculum?

The middle school curriculum from Let’s Read English provides students with a well-rounded education that aligns with all state requirements. Students can study independently thanks to the student-paced, immersive approach, which incorporates educational videos, virtual labs, reading and writing assignments, and much more.


Parents have access to a variety of beneficial tools and resources, including extensive lesson plans, activity planners, curriculum calculators, and student logs and reports.

Let’s Read English has an automated grading and recordkeeping system that enables you to keep track of your child’s progress, print reports, and develop online school portfolios seamlessly.

By clicking on the links below, you will learn more about each of our online middle school programs.

  • 6th Grade Curriculum
  • 7th Grade Curriculum
  • 8th Grade Curriculum

Let’s Read English is sufficiently adaptable to be used in the manner in which you need it. It can be used as the foundation for your middle school online school curriculum, or you can supplement another program with the award-winning curriculum.

The below are only a few of the advantages of using Let’s Read English’s middle school curriculum.

As a Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Lessons that are animated, educational videos, quizzes, tests, and a plethora of projects that make learning enjoyable.
  • Middle school mathematics, language arts, science, and social sciences curriculum design are comprehensive and align with all state requirements.
  • Students can advance through each course at their own pace, without feeling hurried.
  • Automated grading eliminates the need for parents to grade assignments or tests.
  • The curriculum is adaptable to a wide variety of student types, learning patterns, and online schooling techniques.
  • Students benefit from activity plans and curriculum calculators because they help them stay focused and operate individually.
  • About 6,100 interactive activities across all subject areas for middle school students

As a Supplementary Program

  • Numerous activity styles, such as ungraded tasks, quizzes, and printable quiz answer keys, both aid in the development of skill mastery.
  • Students may focus on the subjects/topics for which they need assistance and avoid those for which they do not.
  • Students have access to the facility 24 hours a day, including after school and on weekends.
  • The ability to redo lessons and retake exams and quizzes aids in the retention of difficult topics.
  • Due to the absence of contracts, users can use the program for as long as they want and can cancel at any time.
  • By avoiding the need to travel to a learning center or find a tutor, the online format saves money.
  • Students can switch courses at any time to revisit previous concepts or to get a head start on the following year.
  • Numerous interesting materials that address various modes of learning.