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Early Childhood Education Success

Early Childhood Education Success

When their child is growing up, one of the major tasks of parents is to hunt for preschool. Why is preschool important? Because it lays a strong foundation for the child moving ahead in higher grades. Online schooling for preschool has gained momentum in the last few years. It is one of the most opted options because the child can learn in an environment in home comfort. Today, parents find online learning programs safe and helpful. Online schooling has become a top choice for parents when compared with private or public schools.

While parents continue their search, many online school programs today are crafted to be creative and contain a curriculum similar to that in schools. This ensures satisfaction for parents. Still, finding the best online school for preschool is a tough ask. The online school should contain a comprehensive curriculum and be flexible based on the child’s requirements. The online school should also provide ample resources to the students to keep them engaged and also carve a learning path for their future. Refer to our preschool lesson plans for more information.

Educational success is an important aspect of life and depends on a strong foundation of skills, talent, focus, confidence, habits, and attitude.

Promoting Success in Early Childhood Education

Preschool lays a foundation for your child’s progress in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and so on. The habits and the lessons that your child picks up in preschool define your child’s behavior that could be much harder to change in years moving ahead. Early childhood education, focus, study habits, and confidence define the solid foundation of your child. Ensuring that your child has developed strong roots in preschool, he/she starts walking on the path of excellence. While for other kids, it becomes tough to stay focused. They move ahead but with a weak foundation.

Let’s Read English focuses on a child’s growth and foundation by enhancing the conceptual understanding. For this, the program makes use of teaching lessons through different concepts and methods. This online program helps a child channel his/her learning skill on the right path. With constant focus, repetitive learning techniques, and visual explanation, the core concepts of the fundamentals are made clear. Let’s Read English helps your child follow the path of success by:

  • Providing highly engaging lessons.
  • Promoting end-to-end curriculum teaching rather than teaching fragmented lessons.
  • Balancing the study and fun time.
  • Providing the exact progress report of your child.
  • Introducing different teaching and learning methods based on different learning styles of different students.
  • Using multimedia content to keep your child engaged and increasing his/her learning capabilities.
  • Introducing a balance of progress and reinforcement.

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Key Features of Let’s Read English’s Home Education Program

An ESL learner with headphones and eyeglasses making list of literature topics in library

Let’s Read English focuses on multimedia lessons and grade-level activities to enhance a child’s learning capabilities. With a self-paced curriculum, the child can take his/her own time and learn in home comfort. The various teaching methods are focused on enhancing the conceptual understanding and laying down a solid foundation. Also, the curriculum is in sync with the curriculum of most schools.

At Let’s Read English, we understand parents’ needs. Therefore, we provide parents with access to different lessons as part of the course.  Worksheets that are given to students, detailed reporting of students, the progress report, and teaching tools are part of Parent Dashboard and Parent Forum. The parents can have online discussions and clarify their doubts with teachers and other parents.

The program consists of the following key features:

  • Students get separate logins to access their dashboard.
  • Students can go about learning at their own pace.
  • The grade level can be chosen independently for each subject.
  • Parents get detailed lesson plans to identify the structure of the course.
  • Content of a grade above and a grade below is available for review and study.
  • Access to an online playground is provided for rewards and motivation.
  • The program is integrated with an automated system that grades the lessons based on learning progress and stores reports for online school portfolio usage.
  • You can sign up for the course and start with it on the same day.

Let’s Read English is a purely online learning program which means that no software is needed to be downloaded or no CD is to be purchased. The course is accessible 24/7 through the internet.

Let’s Read English also provides a two-week money-back guarantee with the ability to stop, pause, and start the program at any time.

Try our interactive lesson demos, check out our curriculum overview, browse lesson plans, or read curriculum reviews to see what’s in store.