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Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids

An online academic program that integrates teaching with interesting educational games for children helps to make learning fun and interesting. Learning educational games (games programmed for educational activities and designed to educate and inspire individuals to learn) allows students to focus on language arts, social studies, math, and science skills. However, Let’s Read English’s fun online academic games are well designed and standard-based.

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Educational Games Online

Let’s Read English strikes a balance between academic activities and online academic games for scholars. Let your child experience a safe, entertaining, and inspiring atmosphere by signing up for Let’s Read English.

Our academic games for children strengthen concept by using age-appropriate programs and entertaining classes. The lively character, engaging activities, and academic games heighten interest and focus for students from Prek to the high school level.

Educational Computer Games for Kids

Let’s Read English integrates “The Playground,” to strengthen skills while offering interesting academic games for children. Our playground has a perfect collection of academic games, action games, learning programs, and theme-based character games that instruct children on invaluable lessons while having fun.

Our children’s fun educational games are:

  • Safe Online Learning:Most educational games are designed for financial gain. Most of them contain spyware, adverts, and pop-ups that slow your computer performance. Let’s Read English’s online academic games for children are programmed just to entertain and instruct and not for making money. We offer a secure platform and will NEVER attempt to sell any product to your children.
  • Interesting Educational Games: Our playground has lots of licensed interesting games for children, taken from different online academic sites and programs like; Starfall, Pauly’s Playhouse, Sesame Street, PBS Kids, VeggieTales, and BBC Interactive. Each of our academic games is chosen carefully and the games are built for end-users with a kid-safe interface which makes it easier for children to navigate the sites.
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  • Fun Online Learning:Let’s Read English’s playground is a combination of online educational games for children, entertainment, and friendly children’s game. Those games are designed to be interesting. The game aims to compensate and entertain children and not for the children to be addicted to the game.

The Let’s Read English program provides your kids the help they need to progress in school. Our primary teaching materials can serve as a complement to school work, as a default curriculum for online school elementary, or as an improvement to primary online school programs.


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Preschool Online Educational Games

Let’s Read English presents online elementary teaching material that lectures fundamental reading and math concepts in different ways planned to support learning by different methods. The reiteration and concentration on the fundamental reading and math concepts are taught through organized study and playground areas.


Our online academic games will enable Prek scholars to recognize and connect with letters.

Phonological Awareness

With our fun and engaging online educational games, young learners can easily mix and match pairs of a picture with the same cadence. 

Writer’s Corner

Prek scholars can personalize the background through settings, characters, and objects with interactive online academic games for Prek learners to develop stories through a sequence of study programs.

Pre-Math Skills

Preschool learners can use 

Our online academic games for preschool scholars are designed for kids to learn and take directives by arranging photos by appearance. Help your children to excel at math with Prek educational games to instruct pre-math skills.

Number & Quantity

With the aid of online educational games in recognizing numerals in their right order, young learners can grow their understanding of numbers and their meaning. Children will know how to identify numeric forms, what they stand for, and their correct arrangement with online academic games designed for that purpose.


With academic games, young learners can compare, measure, and arrange objects according to feet, lengths, and inches.


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Online Elementary Games

Children need to develop their grammar and comprehension skills to grow academically. Our online educational games give children the opportunity to learn language arts while play games. All the academic games at Let’s Read English have a special reading skill set that develops the learner’s current knowledge. 

Verbal comprehension

Young learners can easily practice phonetic skills with different learning activities in our elementary games. These activities include experiencing words in various methods, like literature and cadence.


With our elementary games, children can easily practice word analysis and this enables them to recognize different homophones (Note homophones are words that sound the same with different spelling and different meanings)

In the playground


Sentence structure can be difficult for children to learn. Hence, our computer elementary games have punctuation support in an interesting and friendly atmosphere. Some young scholars refuse to do their elementary math concepts; hence, math shouldn’t be such a difficult subject. Let’s Read English elementary games eliminates the boredom with learning math concept and also makes the task to be easier for scholars in a friendly environment.

Math Pattern

Children learn how to anticipate and expand existing numerical patterns with our academic math game, which enables them to learn division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction by using math worksheets (printable), and flashcard math.


Young scholars will learn how to recognize the features of a polygon with our academic math programs for elementary school kids that instruct them how to arrange the plane figure by a certain feature.


With the help of our online elementary games, children can easily elucidate line and steam-and-leaf plots; check data and make conclusions, and this helps them to acknowledge this crucial math concept.

Use the superb Let’s Read English’s fun educational games to let your child know how fun and interesting math and reading can be.


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