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Elementary Educational – Online Games and Teaching Tools

Elementary Educational – Online Games and Teaching Tools

Young learners build their academic foundation, confidence, and learning habits at the elementary level. Regardless of where they channeled their behavior for “progress” or for “getting by”, their progress depends on developing a strong math and reading foundation.

Let’s Read English allows scholars to create a strong foundation by using innovative technology and education to build an interesting, constructive curriculum that develops confidence and helps build their academic success. By different online learning programs and games, our online academic program provides fundamental elementary principles through our interesting online lectures. Our online programs enable scholars to take delight in the concept they are studying and also reinforce their skill sets.

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Online Elementary Teaching Environment

Let’s Read English presents an online sphere that instructs fundamental reading and math concepts in various ways planned to assist scholars while learning through various methods. The recapping and focus on the fundamental reading and math concepts are achieved through structured learning and playground area.

  • Structured Learning Area: like the way tutors categorize school day, we plan our elementary tutoring resources so learners are guided by a daily process of interesting and delightful programs.
  • Playground Area:Our playground has online elementary games; this helps learners to strengthen the academic programs they completed in the structure learning area.

We encourage parents to set up a specific time for their young learner’s academic programs and elementary games. With the established time settings, online elementary tutoring instruments enable parents to control the time spent on playground learning and structured learning. Young learners are taught to do their academic tasks before playing. Once they learn this excellent study habit, it will help them in the future.

Online Elementary Teaching Environment

Our online elementary games give scholars the chance to check lots of subjects easily and interestingly. Each game at Let’s Read English has a special skill set that develops students’ current knowledge.

Language Arts

With our elementary game (online), learners can learn phonetic skills through different learning activities, which include learning words in different methods, like literature and rhyme. Also, learning sentence structure can bore learners sometimes. However, our game has punctuation help in a pleasing, supportive sphere.

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Math – Geometry & Probability

Most young students withstand practicing elementary mathematical concepts; hence, math shouldn’t be all about work. Math is fun when you learn in the right domain. Let’s Read English provides online games that instruct this mathematical concept to learners in entertaining and supportive surroundings. 

With our online math games, scholars can explain line and stem-and-leaf plots, juxtapose data and make conclusions, it also helps learners to acknowledge this vital math concept.

Let your young scholars know that reading math is fun with Let’s Read English!

Let’s Read English and Your Child’s Success

Let’s Read English provides young learners with the help they need to progress in school. Our elementary tutoring materials and online educational games can also serve as a supplement to school tasks, as the main curriculum for homeschooling elementary, or as a substitute to summer school!

  • Presents exceptionally inspiring and captivating lessons every day
  • Sets up good learning habit by instructing a pattern of taking lectures first before playing games
  • Utilizes online game for elementary scholars to strengthen academic activities
  • Eliminates the information gap by giving out reports on learners’ success
  • Uses several teaching methods to check different study methods of every child
  • Uses different study mediums to check understanding and retention
  • Strengthens progress, which ensures that learners understand elementary basics before going to higher concepts

What Makes Let’s Read English Different From Other Online Elementary Games?

Let’s Read English is not like other elementary teaching materials that only focus on teaching math facts or reading skills. Let’s Read English is a total academic resource. It can be personalized to suit your child’s learning needs, placing them at the right skill level instead of just a grade level with a customized learning track. So, if a child wants to go higher or just needs elementary basics, Let’s Read English is the right educational material for him.

Let’s Read English encourages lots of teaching approaches, study styles and incorporates assessment to ensure learners are on the right learning track. When your child’s school performance improves, our online resources will always help them and encourage them to progress.

If this is your first time hearing about Let’s Read English, check out our interactive lesson demos.

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