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Elementary English Language Arts Online Lesson Plans

Elementary English Language Arts Online Lesson Plans

Let’s Read English curriculum is based on the state’s standards for language arts students. We help students with readiness to read, fluency, sight-reading, grammar, writing, and reading comprehension with our interactive lessons and regular assessments.

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English Language Arts Lesson for Elementary by Grade

Kindergarten language arts lesson plans:

Let’s Read English’s curriculum for kindergarten language arts lessons have more than 200 activities. These activities help to familiarize them with all the letters of the English alphabet. These activities also help them to make connections between letters. Most importantly, we want to make sure that they keep building their vocabularies and word fluency.

1st-grade language arts lesson plans:

Let’s Read English’s 1st-grade language arts lesson has almost 400 lessons and 300-lesson extensions. Our objective here is to put our students through writing, principles of phonics, and word pronunciation. We also help them to spot their own mistakes and make the necessary edits.

2nd-grade language arts lesson plans:

Let’s Read English’s curriculum for 2nd-grade language arts consists of more than 200 lessons and more than 300 extension lessons. At the end of this program, students should be able to write longer texts with longer words, and they should also be able to read more complex words in a wide variety of genres. When reading texts, 2nd graders should deduce the why, where, when, what, who, and how in the essay.

3rd-grade language arts lesson plans:

Our curriculum for 3rd-grade language arts is made of almost 200 lessons and more than 150 extension lessons. At the end of the year, 3rd graders should and will be able to read without assistance. Also, these students should be able to develop their views and opinions about written texts and other genres of literary works. Most importantly, they should be able to use transition words in their write-ups.

4th-grade language arts lesson plans:

Let’s Read English’s curriculum for 4th-grade language arts is made of close to 200 lessons and more than 150 extension lessons. At the end of this course, all students will be able to read, comprehend, and analyze texts. They will step up from writing facts to stating their ideas.  Also, 4th-grade students should be able to make reasonable observations and opinions.

5th-grade language arts lesson plans:

Our curriculum for 5th grade language arts contains more than 150 lessons and over 200 extension lessons. The objective of this curriculum is to help students be able to view a simple text from different angles. Also, 5th graders should be able to gather information from various sources, organize, analyze, and put them together to write an essay. They should also be able to compose different types of texts.

Elementary Language Arts Concepts Covered

As always, Let’s Read English’s arts curriculum is in line with state standards. We help students concrete their groundwork, on which higher levels of academic works will be built. We use animations, interactive instructional videos, printable worksheets, quizzes, and tests. All these make lessons interesting, engrossing, and engaging to students. Here are the elements of Let’s Read English’s language arts curriculum from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade.

Phonics and Fluency – The mastery of fluency is achieved gradually. We develop our students’ fluency lesson by lesson.  Phonemic awareness is the major part of fluency. It is the art of putting sounds together to form different words. We also develop students’ skills in phonics, including blending and decoding sounds.

We make use of interactive auditory and visual lessons with supporting activities to achieve reading fluency. So, Let’s Read English does not depend on only texts.

Grammar and MechanicsGrammar helps students understand all the rules that guide all parts of speech. Let’s Read English understands this, and so we have designed our curriculum to do that. With our interactive instructional videos and supporting activities, we help students learn, review, and digest grammar rules. We also give them opportunities to consolidate their skills and later exhibit their mastery.

Reading ComprehensionReading comprehension is very important to the success of students’ academic journey. If a student cannot read and comprehend texts, how will he be able to read books? That’s why we believe that being able to read is the beginning of literacy. Hence, Let’s Read English gives additional attention to reading comprehension. After every lesson, we assess our students to gauge their understanding and progress.

Vocabulary – As students progress from one grade to the next, their language should increase. We believe that you should be able to guess a student’s grade when you hear him speak or read his written text. From grade 3 through grade 12, we ensure students learn more than 3,000 words every year.

WritingTeaching writing is geared towards the development of writing skills. Apart from offering students lessons on the rules and conventions that guide writing, Let’s Read English continuously grades students’ writing ability and provides parameters with which parents can assess and monitor their children’s performances and progress.

Additional Elementary Language Arts Resources

For students that need additional study materials to meet specific goals, we have made the resources available. They are for families whose children need support for special learning needs or acceleration for gifted learners.

In addition to our interactive lessons and engaging practice activities, Let’s Read English has launched a supplemental writing program. It is a multi-week course that helps to improve students writing skills. Highly experienced and certified teachers handle this course. They don’t only teach, but they also assess students, grade their performance, and give parents feedback on their children’s performance.

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Online Curriculum for Online School, Afterschool, and Summer Use

Thousands of Public School teachers all over the United States are already using Let’s Read English’s curriculums and lesson plans in their online schools, afterschool programs, and during summer coaching.