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Elementary School Online Curriculum

Elementary School Online Curriculum

When you are surveying the diversity of online learning programs for elementary students, it is crucial to pick the ones that have flexibility instead of only providing a solid academic foundation in the primary subjects. Your curriculum should be the starting point for a large and varied overall education during the formative years of your online schooler.


Our elementary school curriculum is uncommonly modified to meet the needs of each child. It offers guidelines for young students to gain all the essential learning skills and evolve a lifelong love for studying. Lessons are produced to aid students build confidence and work autonomously as long as they follow their own pace. Elementary students have access to three levels of Grade at once to review and continue to progress when needed.


The elementary curriculum from Let’s Read English incorporates the most loved technology by children with the education they need to make the learning session more enjoyable.

Lesson in elementary school

Mathematics Curriculum for Elementary School

The mathematics curriculum for elementary students is arranged by the level of grades and it contains lessons that teach the concepts of number theory, value, meaning, measurement, number sense, geometry, spatial reasoning, data analysis, probability, and more. Take a look at our sample of mathematics lessons for elementary students by clicking the links below:

Language Arts Curriculum for Elementary School

The language arts curriculum for elementary students emphasizes building the essential skills to become competent communicators in later years. They are required to master phonetics and upgrade reading and grammar skills to develop the knowledge of vocabulary and more. Check out the links below to find out how we guide elementary students to evolve their ability in communication (read, write, listen, and speak) and make a preparation for their life.

Science Curriculum for Elementary School

Students should obtain all the fundamental skills in science during the beginning of elementary school years that will enable them to succeed in later years. The science curriculum for elementary students pays attention to enhancing science vocabulary and capability in using the scientific method and more. Click the links below to get complete details about science lessons for each Grade:

Social Studies Curriculum for Elementary School

The way to be good citizenship begins in the early elementary school year when children start to comprehend people, cultures, geography, and other sides of civic life. The curriculum of social studies for elementary students intends to assist them in discerning patterns in history, study different cultures and societies, and more. Take a look at the links below to learn more about our curriculum for each level of elementary grades:

Why Choose the Curriculum of Elementary School from Let's Read English?

The elementary curriculum from Let’s Read English supplies an online interactive curriculum for K-5th Grade that can be employed for an online school, afterschool, summer study, and skill-developing. The elementary online school curriculum is classified by Grade levels that consist of standard-based mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science curriculum.

The online school program for elementary students in Let’s Read English contains all the primary subjects, and it provides foreign language courses and an additional fee. Online school families can mix and match the elementary programs and educational resources freely to build a fully customized learning environment for each student.

Check out the links below to learn more about our online elementary curriculum for each Grade:

You will enjoy the following features and advantages when you choose the award-winning curriculum for your elementary students from Let’s Read English:


As a Main Curriculum

As an Addition

  • An inclusive mathematics and language arts curriculum that corresponds to all state standards.
  • The flexible curriculum can be implemented with a wide range of student types,  learning styles, and online schooling methods.
  • The material will be introduced in an advertisement-free environment that restricts destructions and enables students to pay attention to their lessons.
  • Students can access an educational playground that provides more interesting games after they have finished their lessons.
  • Parents can save their time by using an automated grading and record-keeping system. It makes it easier for them to create online school portfolios.
  • Parents can access printable lesson schemes, instructional appliances, in-depth reporting, and parental support through an online  Parent Forum.
  • Students can start during the school year and can access up to three grade levels of material.
  • Students can log in at any time, either after school or on weekends, since it is accessible 24/7.
  • Students can follow the recommended order, skip activities, and work according to the sequence they choose.
  • Parents do not have to drive to a learning center or hire a pricey tutor if they use our convenient online format.
  • Parents can access the inclusive primary curriculum in Let’s Read English as well as MathFacts.
  • Various types of lessons, activities, and evaluations focus on developing higher-order thinking and writing skills.