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Elementary Social Studies Curriculum

Elementary schooling plays the lead role in shaping the personality and perspective of the child. The curriculum of elementary studies should revolve around the subjects of civics, history and geography, educating the students that basic elements of the core subjects.Secondly, the students should be introduced to the three branches of US government and also the past enlightenment and societies which are the roots affecting the domains of modern civilization, politics and culture.

National council of social studies also declared that a particular skill set of a child assists in boosting up the essential thinking pattern of an individual, interpersonal skills and also hones the socioeconomic development making the skills consequencial.He really emphasized on advancing these skills by commencing up through elementary social studies.

The following information will provide a summary for each grade level of elementary school social studies, and feature the benefits of choosing Time4Learning as your curriculum of choice.

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Teaching Social Studies to 2nd graders

Let’s Learn English aids in elementary social studies by unveiling the importance of society  to the child and introducing them to crucial concepts of human needs and requirements to live a peaceful life, inclusive of importance of basic necessities, security and interpersonal relationships in life that are really important for humans living in a society.

After giving the students a gist of cardinal information, the crucial skills are brushed when the students culminate their ability to identify different locations on the map and pinpoint different places including oceans, countries, mountains and maps.Other activities in this domain includes

  • Recognizing and naming noticeable structures, sculptures, and landmarks like the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the American banner.
  • Identifying and describing the purposes behind different public occasions like Independence Day.
  • Identifying and clarifying the purposes behind social occasions that individuals celebrate inside the United States like Cinco de Mayo.
  • Researching the various positions that exist in our networks and clarifying how these positions add to our general public overall.

Teaching social studies to 3rd graders.

Leveling up to grade 3, the data collection of different locations is made using atlases and maps to learn about the earth’s surface, inaugurating the concepts of geographical terminologies to students such as islands, rivers and topography of the world.

 Apart from geography, economics is also introduced to the students in elementary social studies clarifying the concepts of development of the country, the concept of imports exports and the operations of managing natural resources, industrial and agricultural sectors, , the banking system and much more.

Not only this, your children will also learn about:

  • The numerous ways that goods are produced through agriculture, mining and assembling.
  • The role of government in all states and communities
  • What various jobs that elected authorities, for example, Governor and Mayor play in local and state government.
  • Importance of voting
  • The Viking society and their famous battle strategies.
  • The ships the Vikings built and the navigation techniques they used on the oceans.

Teaching social sciences to 4th graders

In fourth grade considering the social investigations, the students learn about the profound Mesopotamian culture, climate and the government where they are living incorporating the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The Egyptian culture is mostly covered alongside the Mayan, Incan and Aztec societies.

In this grade, students delve a bit deeper into the terminologies of geography where they focus on learning about longitude, latitude, altitudes and practice the terms like peaks, plateaus, rivers and channels in order to point these features on the maps.Apart from learning geography, students are exposed to the large picture of economy where they are taught about:

  • Revolutionary period of United States
  • The reason behind the revolution, For instance, students will cover such controversial subjects as the Stamp Act, the Townshend Act, the Boston Tea Party, etc.
  • The Battles of Bunker Hill and Lexington and Concord.
  • The function of economics in our present society.
  • The possible impact of recent events in our everyday lives.

Teaching Social studies to 5th graders

Giving the students hands on information regarding the crucial topics in elementary schooling makes their educational base strong and progressive which really helps in shaping their future education. The main elements of social studies include civics, economics, history and geography which  strongly builds up the skills of students and speed up their learning pace which becomes fruitful in upcoming years.

In grade 5th, students are introduced to antiquated Greece, economics, and US history politics.  They are also coaxed to participate in activities covering up the role of business venture, government monetary jobs, political science, legislative issues, and world topography. Moreover, other topics include:

  • The Shang/Zhou dynasty. The first dynasty of China.
  • The battle for power in the Egyptian and Nubian area.
  • The movement to end slavery during the 1800’s.
  • Women’s privileges and the meaning of the Seneca Falls convention
  • How Government public policy is created
  • The external impacts that sway how buyers pick various items

Why to choose Let’s Learn English's social studies curriculum ?

Let’s Learn English is not just focused on teaching the students in an ordinary way yet it ignites a sense of motivation in the minds of parents and students to build the I knowledge about different cultures, history, and places around the globe. Our aim is to develop the understanding level of parents and students regarding past and present events that occur around us and anticipate the future making enlightened decisions impactful for society.

Most of the parents are content with the interesting curriculum which makes the course flexible and entertaining keeping the students engaged and motivated to learning new ventures. It offers ample interesting activities, worksheets, online videos, and one on one classroom style that keeps the students engrossed and occupied in their studies.

As a Full CurriculumAs an Addition
  • A completely online program that gives students the adaptability to proceed with their studies at any place and whatever they need.
  • On-screen teachers highlight graphic coordinators to present exercise objectives and lessons in an easy to understand manner
  • Parents can easily divide their automatically generated reports by subject or date to help understand their homeschool portfolio.
  • Student paced adapting so that students can take as much time as is needed dominating the lessons
  • Students have the option to redo lessons if they don’t achieve a satisfactory result.
  • Reasonable monthly membership plan that includes automated grading and reporting for busy parents
  • Plan an individualized curriculum that supplements your child's learning style
  • Our automated system takes care of many administrative duties, as it not only teaches your students it also generates grades and reports for you
  • • Lessons start with preliminary activities to engage students and activate or build on earlier information..
  • • Students can get to their exercises all day, every day, making it extraordinary for learning at any time day or evening.
  • • Parents are free to tailor the lessons to fit their child’s needs or use the suggested sequence of courses that are readily available for review
  • • Select distinctive grade levels for each subject to meet the particular learning needs of your child
  • • Students can pause and repeat lessons, quizzes and tests to ensure mastery.
  • • The engaging online lessons and interactive activities motivate students to learn for longer periods of time if essential.
  • • Can be utilized as a summer learning tool or as an afterschool program to help struggling students