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English Language Arts for Middle School Online

English Language Arts for Middle School Online

Language Arts for middle school consists of reading and writing, but it also targets to help students upgrade their skills from mastering the mechanics of language to being effective communicators. They will get used to different writing styles, obtain opportunities to reinforce their grammar skills, and analyze literary texts in ways that improve their writing. Generally, it should help students to get ready for the exhaustive of high-school level English courses.


Choosing the perfect middle school language arts curriculum for an online school or after-school addition indeed relies on understanding your children’s needs. You need to consider some essential matters before deciding, such as their learning style, previous experiences with the curriculum (either good or bad), and general targets for their development in middle school English language arts.

This article will guide you by preparing a summary of middle school English language arts by grade level. We will also list down how Let’s Read English can be the best program for teaching language arts in middle school. Check out the links below to get more information:

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Sixth Grade Language Arts Curriculum

By the end of sixth grade, students should read non-fiction texts easily and analyze them in more depth. They will employ resource materials for research as well as writing assignments that can be supported with evidence.


You should find a standard-based curriculum that contains the full scope of phonics, fluency, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing processes when selecting a language arts program for sixth grade. The online multimedia method of Let’s Read English reaches every objective while making students interested and attached with teaching videos, enjoyable activities, and humor.


Several objectives that sixth-grade students will achieve in language arts such as:

  • Write a perfect paragraph with topic sentences and supporting details.
  • Enhance their vocabulary and utilize them in discussions, reports, and texts.
  • Employ rules of spelling consistently.
  • Utilize commas in appositives and after introductory words and phrases along with names in direct address.

Get more information about our 6th-grade language arts curriculum.

Seventh Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Seventh-grade students become more meticulous when it comes to their written language, and they also learn to present great ideas in a concise format. They enlarge their grammatical knowledge as well as employ several techniques to obtain new vocabulary.


The complete collection from Let’s Read English consists of almost 200 videos, multimedia activities, and interactive evaluations in the seventh-grade English language arts curriculum. It ensures that student instruction diverse and winsome. The online program is fully customizable to meet the needs of any family, whether they are seeking a complete online school curriculum or an inexpensive tutoring solution.


Some objectives that seventh-grade students will accomplish in language arts such as:

  • Differentiate between books and their movie version, as well as explain how the message is affected.
  • Provide an objective summary of a text.
  • Manage brief research projects to answer questions.
  • Identify simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to signal different relationships between ideas.

Check out our 7th-grade language arts curriculum to get more information.

Eighth Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Eighth-grade students must have a strong reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary to get ready for high school and above. They will pay attention to writing clear and coherent texts that suit the right audience and purpose this year. They will strive to master complicated reading passages and use the context of what they are reading to find out the meaning of new words. They learn to convey their ideas more concisely by utilizing grammatically correct language.

Parents and students can complete their learning path with the language arts curriculum by Let’s Read English. Your eighth-grade students will appreciate the enormous variety of lessons and activities. At the same time, you will benefit from resources such as printable lesson plans, online school teaching tools, detailed progress reports, activity scheduling, as well as parental support. Some of the objectives that students will achieve in language arts include:

  • Comprehend main ideas in text, compare and contrast information and ideas, symbolism, cause and effect, make inferences, determine mood, tone, and point of view in a story.
  • Employ critical thinking skills to separate truth from error.
  • Utilize technology-aided tools like graphic organizers to assist them with pre-writing and planning.
  • Build and use verbs in the indicative, imperative, interrogative, conditional, and subjunctive mood.

Take a look at our 8th-grade language arts curriculum for more information.

Why Choose Language Arts Curriculum for Middle School from Let's Read English?

Language arts for middle school are crucial for the grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing instruction of elementary and high school students. If you are tutoring language arts for middle school students, you need a curriculum that contains all the significant areas of learning in a student-paced and interactive environment. The flexible program by Let’s Read English can be implemented as a primary language arts curriculum for middle school or after-school remediation.


Here are some reasons why our curriculum is very well-known among families who are seeking a middle school language arts curriculum:

As a Main Curriculum

As an Addition

  • A complete program established to create powerful literacy skills to prepare students for high-school level English courses.
  • Provide enjoyable lessons and interactive activities that make the learning session of language arts more interesting.
  • The program prepares tools for parents to track the development of their child easily and plan out their online school year.
  • All materials related to the state and national standards.
  • Students will be challenged incrementally throughout the course as lessons escalate gradually in difficulty.
  • A list of specific spellings is available in the resources section of the parent dashboard to enhance students’ literacy skills.
  • Parents can preview all lesson plans of language arts for middle school earlier to help them select the activities that they prefer their students to focus on.
  • The student-paced method allows your child to take their time with complex subjects, and they can learn them at their own pace.
  • Students can remediate or accelerate as required since they can access lessons from the grade below and above their current one.
  • Students can start learning at any time, either day or night, because it is accessible 24/7, and it is ideal for after-school or summer use.
  • Every lesson utilizes videos and animation where hilarious characters make learning new concepts more enjoyable.